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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

tranquility timeline

dearest readers,

below is a list of highlights and insightful tidbits into the background of how it all began and continues to unfold.

i encourage you to do the same. explore the highlights that have defined you, made you proud, and shaped who you are.

happy timelining!

june 30, 1973 born in lawton, oklahoma: midwestern cancerian.
1981 began journal writing and opened first savings account for my $2/week allowance.
may 1991 graduated from high school.
may 1995 graduated from university of oklahoma. drive to chicago to see oprah show, visit friend at university of chicago, and got mary engelbreit sunflower tattoo on my belly.
july - september 1995 backpacked around europe thanks to money earned while working part-time in college.
october 1995-august 1996 lived in summit county, colorado skiing, snowboarding,
selling clothes at DKNY, and working for keystone resort. take first yoga class.
july 1996 bought first car: old jeep cherokee.
september 1996 drove to dc with all possessions in my jeep. began paralegal program at georgetown university. worked as receptionist and got my first e-mail address (the rest is history).
september 1997 finished georgetown paralegal program.
september - november 1997 drove to alaska from dc and down west coast camping and enjoying nature.
december 1997 - august 1999 worked at intellectual property law firm as trademark
june 1999 took first yoga teacher training.
september 1999 - july 2000 worked at georgetown university to assist running the paralegal
august 1999 began teaching yoga at a gold's gym on capitol hill.
october 1999 opened up living room to strangers to teach yoga.
january 2000 got nose pierced.
july 2000 took a 2-week teacher training in california and decide to take the plunge into
self-employment. double life became too hard.
summer 2000 took up and running course at women's business center, nia and pilates
teacher training. offered first wild woman workshop. started teaching yoga at joy of motion.
fall 2000 - may 2003 rented beautiful parlor space at church on 16th street.
january 2001 began offering creativity circles.
fall 2001 began master's program at george washington university in women's studies.
december 2001 took teacher training with cyndi lee.
february 2002 led first international yoga retreat to costa rica.
march 2002 offered first teacher training. studio grows by word of mouth.
may 2002 launched TranquiliT at local bar with fashion show, yoga demos, and fundraiser for dc rape crisis center.
july 2002 took first teacher training with shiva rea.
november 2002 secured new space on p street after a year of searching.
december 2002 released first yoga cd -- an intermediate practice.
february 2003 host second retreat in costa rica.
june 2003 moved into home on p street after numerous red tape delays. turned 30 and took myself to ibiza, spain for my first real vacation in years.
july 2003 took second teacher training with shiva rea.
september 2003 took teacher training with baron baptiste.
october 2003 solidified book idea. began buying tons of books on writing a proposal
and getting published.
december 2003 released second yoga cd--vinyasa yoga for the newbie yogi.
january 2004 began dating beau.
spring 2004 began designing own tops and additional pants. TranquiliT bloosomed.
june 2004 featured lady on ladies who launch.
august 2004 finished master's program and bought the pink palace (600 sq. feet of raspberry
and leopard print-embellished bliss).
october 2004 got book agent and began blog.
december 2004 TranquiliT featured in shape and get little louis the pug for christmas.
may 2005 hip tranquil chick article featured in fit yoga, TranquiliT featured in
washingtonian, and show TranquiliT at first yoga conference in midwest.
june 2005 spoke at women's business conference on leaving a legacy and started hip
hop dance classes.
september 2005 began hip tranquil chick podcast.
september - december 2005 returned to ballet classes after an 18-year hiatus.
october 2005 signed on with publisher inner ocean.
november 2005 story featured in book starting from scratch.
january 2006 took first knitting class.
march 2006 TranquiliT featured in daily candy and interviewed on martha stewart
living radio.
july 2006 launch tranquil space foundation.
august 2006 attend sarah powers yin yoga teacher training and woodhull ethical
leadership training.
october 2006 took french classes.
november 2006 attended creativity retreat with lynne franks in mallorca, spain. hip tranquil chick book launch soiree.
december 2006 released third yoga cd: get your yoga on.
march 2007 taught at omtime in denver and took first beading class.
april 2007 tranquil space named among top 25 yoga studios in the world by travel + leisure. took one month jivamukti yoga teacher training.
may 2007 donated jeep to charity and trade for white cruiser bike with pink rims.
june 2007 led first hip tranquil chick retreat in new york.
july 2007 signed lease on new home for tranquil space. 9-month green buildout begins.
august 2007 led third retreat in costa rica.
september 2007 launched tranquil space arlington.
october 2007 hosted first annual tranquil space foundation gala.
november 2007 taught at centre de luna in montreal.
january 2008 launched online creativity circle. began authentic leadership program at naropa university in boulder.
february 2008 taught at asheville yoga center.
march 2008 featured in book life entrepreneurs and us news. led 2nd annual hip tranquil chick retreat in new york.
april 2008 completed authentic leadership program at naropa university.
may 2008 opened new 4,000 square foot home in dupont: tea bar, three studios, spa, and boutique. add pink streaks to my tresses. switch to 100% wind powered electricity.
june 2008 sojourn for 15 hours in new york city in celebration of my 35th: yoga, sip rose tea, eat cupcakes, dine on organic cuisine, and browse bookstores.
july 2008 taught at yoga tree in san francisco and met with team at new world library. begin writing second book, tranquilista.
august 2008 opened TranquiliT showroom and taught at kripalu.
september 2008 story featured in washington times. began offering contemplative crafting classes at TranquiliT showroom.
october 2008 hosted second annual tranquil space foundation gala. begin tweeting (@tranquilista). honored as a new leader in philanthropy by greater dc cares.
november 2008 featured designer on (where i boldly proclaim that tarjay is my favorite place to buy clothes - geez!) and show TranquiliT at dc's green festival.
january 2009 attended inaugural ball donning TranquililT armwarmers. started boxing with pink gloves. celebrated 5 years with beau.
february 2009 signed up for creative non-fiction writing classes. mentioned in us news as celebrity-style coach.
march 2009 tranquilista first draft to editor. led third annual hip tranquil chick
retreat in new york.
september 2009 returned to graduate school to pursue a master's in social work.
october 2009 celebrated 10 years of tranquil space.
november 2009 took 10 days to bask in paris.
january 2010 tranquilista hits shelves.
february 2010 hosted tranquilista book launch fete in dc.
march 2010 west coast book tour. video here.
april 2010 TranquiliT named "eco-chic rising star" by fashion group international.
june 2010 more west coast book touring.
august 2010 texas book tour.
october 2010 vegas book event complete with cupcakes.
november 2010 journeyed to india and feel in love with a street dog nicknamed lumpy-ji.
january 2011 hosted india night benefit to raise money for animal + environmental causes in india.
march 2011 named among top 4 yoga teachers in dc via washingtonian magazine.
april 2011 announced art + yoga paris + provence may 2012 retreat. sold out within a week.
may 2011 launched vintage and reclaimed offerings via TranquiliT.
june 2011 joined board of featured in 4th book: transforming scholarship.
july 2011 hosted benefit for the animals to celebrate farm sanctuary's 25th anniversary, humane education of washington humane society, and pigs animal sanctuary.
august 2011 attended disney's leadership institute.
october 2011 hosted art + yoga cabin retreat in west virginia. sponsored and attended farm sanctuary's end factory farming conference.
january 2012 launched tranquilologie e-course. spent a week art journaling in mexico.
february 2012 said goodbye to beloved gramma and began deep mourning process.
march 2012 penned "why social work?" post.
may 2012 began semi-sabbatical and headed to france to host two 10-day retreats.
june 2012 turned 39 years old in paris.
july 2012 attended the world domination summit in portland. hosted tranquility summer camp.
august 2012 attended two animal rights conferences. released 250th podcast. home to oklahoma. girlfriend time in vegas. writing time at the cabin.
september released a limited edition art journal toolkit. 2012 hosted pigs 20th-year anniversary fete.
october 2012 tranquil space turned 13 years old.
november 2012 returned to india to immerse myself in yoga.
december 2012 released tranquility du jour daybook.
january 2013 unveiled new website. celebrated 9-year anniversary with le beau.
february 2013 returned to oklahoma to be with family on 1-year anniversary of gramma's death.
march 2013 updated blog look. released mindfulness: tranquility within e-course.
april 2013 completed 600-hour internship at amtrak. announced the tranquility tour.
may 2013 received master's of social work. went on silent meditation retreat. left for six weeks in paris.
june 2013 turned 40 in paris.
july 2013 attended the world domination summit in portland. lost my beloved baby bonnard. sent tranquilologie to print.
august 2013 co-hosted parents' 50th anniversary party, attended victoria moran's vegan academy, and hosted year two of tranquility summer camp.
september 2013 hosted tranquility tour kick-off and tranquilologie release. set off on two-month tranquility tour adventure.
october 2013 traveled across the united states and into canada spreading tranquility.
november 2013 returned to dc after 9.5 weeks on the road. penned tranquility tour trivia.
december 2013 hosted tranquility tour tea for 300th podcast. released tranquility du jour daybook 2.0. shared top 10 tranquility tour takeaways.

my many creativity + organizational tools 

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Caren said...

my goodness kimberly that's quite the timeline. I'm inspired and completely overwhelmed!!

Keep up the brilliant work. Your unique perspective brings me and I'm sure many others, great joy.

Self Help Goddess said...

Wow, Kimberly!! You are such an inspiration! :-)

It's nice to see how you started out... because it gives me hope that someday I can be as
F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S as you are!

Can't wait to see what unfolds for you in the next ten years!


Anonymous said...

Congrats!! You are such an inspiration!! :)

The Cooking Accountant said...

Kimberly you are amazing! Such an inspiration! You have accomplished so much already and I know you will continue to be successful!

kate said...

I loved reading your timeline. It's fun to learn some of the personal tidbits (like teaching at Joy of Motion and living in Summit County CO)! As a Washingtonian (moved to Boulder in '99 as you were just setting up shop to start your first yoga class out of your apartment), I loved taking yoga and dance (ballet and totally awesome hip-hop) classes at Joy of Motion back in the 90's!. Had I stayed in DC, I know I would be at Tranquil Space Yoga! You've accomplished amazing things, an inspiration!!! Thank you.
Hope your plans for Paris are coming along!
p.s. I will be jotting down my timeline too, got to see where I've been to know where I am going, right?

Julia said...

KW, you make me proud to spell my name W-O-M-A-N (took that one from Lady O). You are a true inspiration and I love my entire Tranquil Space family. They have been my family since I started yoga at TS in March 2006. You guys saved me - literally. Congrats on 10 years and here's lifting a glass of pink Prosecco to the next ten. As the French would say "Sante!"

Kristen said...

Happy Anniversary. Loved reading some new personal tidbits. You are doing such a wonderful job of combining the things you love into a wonderfully full and lovely life! Most definitely, as everyone here recognizes, you ARE an inspiration.

Ananda said...

happy belated anniversary. your timeline is amazing. it inspires me to create my own. many blessings.

norcalyogimom said...

Kimberly, congratulations on all your well-deserved success. I took my first yoga classes in DC with you in the space in the church on 16th street. I have moved all over the country since, but I keep practicing and always remember the great start you gave me. I'm grateful to all of my teachers and have fond memories of Tranquil Space. Thankyou!