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Monday, December 22, 2014

winter's online book club pick

Happy, happy winter to you in the Northern Hemisphere.

I SO hope you enjoyed our fall book club pick, Paris Letters, and accompanying podcast. Thank you for your comments and feedback.

In honor of the new year's fresh start and a continual desire to simplify, simplify, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo felt like the perfect winter read.

Over the hollydaze, I've carved out a few full days to tackle the Pink Palace. With a grand goal of shedding 10-25% of everything contained in my 600-square-foot home, I'm quite motivated.

Yes, there will be photos and updates about the process on the blog and Instagram.

Please share your process, too, if you're also willing to tackle a drawer, closet, room, or entire home.

Happy tidying!

Savvy Sources:
Author's website
Slate article
The Guardian article
NYTimes article
Book review by The Unclutterer
10 tips to make you more tidy now

Reminder: To participate in our online book club, share thoughts, challenges, and insights about our chosen read in the comments section below.  

Merci for reading along. Find moi reading with you on Goodreads, too. Bisous. x

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Katherine Dimas said...

Great pick! I am on the waiting list at my library for this book. Picked up another one in the meantime called Breathing Room. I am definitely joining in on the decluttering!

Unknown said...

Great pick. I just bought this book on Friday. I can't wait to get started. I have time off during the holidays and am not traveling clean and purge it is!!

Gina said...

Fantastic! I bought the book about a month ago, and I am working my way through the KonMari Method (as she calls it). I am sharing my journey via my YouTube channel (lightly lumay).

I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts re: her method.

Anonymous said...

love the book choice and intention of streamlining. i've been on the slow path to do, but am feeling more and more motivated to pick up speed with cleaning things out!

Daughter of Artemis said...

Great pick! I'm working my way through it. What I like about her method is that it has not only changed what I keep and how I feel about it, but what I buy and bring into my home. I find myself asking if this item will continue to spark joy or if it will wear off quickly. It's helping to keep the spending down!!

Amanda Moon said...

I didn't love the book (couldn't get into the writing style) but I did implement a lot of the information, including folding things so they stand on it. It was so exciting I wrote a blog post about it:

Gina said...

How is everyone doing with regard to the KonMari Method? I would love to hear about the work you're doing and your successes!