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Thursday, September 20, 2012

tranquilosophy: 15 mos o' effort

 pig chalkboard from provence + heaps of pink gerbers filled the room

 moi + le beau taking a breather before the doors opened

 our amazing volunteers

 cutest table ever

moi snapping pic of victoria's book table

 moi, gena of choosing raw + victoria moran

last night was the long anticipated fête i was asked to host for pigs animal sanctuary in july 2011. naturally i was over the moon (i mean, anything for walter) to make the festivities happen and here's an idea of what goes into an event like this:

one year out
set date
secure speaker
secure venue
had 20th anniversary + i heart pigs logo created
secure entertainment (we had a piano player)

4 months out
creation of promo postcards
secure speaker lodging and travel

2 months out
 set up facebook invite
secure guest gift (we did lavender-scented locally made pig soaps)
secure volunteers (greeters, sales, floaters, etc.)
 reach out to many amazing individuals for silent auction donations
secure photographer

2 weeks out
set up online silent auction and promote heavily online
stamp + hand write a thank you on tags to tie around guest gifts
order flowers for the event

promotion via social media
distribution of promo postcards
coordinate with speaker
communication with board

day of
create ambiance (flowers, music, signs)
set up square + paper system for credit card processing
volunteer orientation
create in person silent auction signs and bid sheets
prep and finalize speech
 haul heaps of items to event (books, tees, signs, gifts, auction items, flowers, vases)
finalize bill with venue
play hostess

 after event
heaps of bookkeeping: tally up ticket sales, product sales, in person and online auction sales
mail online auction wins
write and mail thank yous to silent auction donors
update board on event
distribute photos
pay final bills

whew! this was one of my biggest events to do solo and if it wasn't for the lovely marie champagne (bonjour best last name ever), it couldn't have happened. this morning i feel blessed, exhausted, and so very honored for the 40ish people who showed last night to support pigs and to the many (including mama wilson) who bid on the great online auction items. merci for assisting moi on this journey of causing less suffering and more compassion.

bisous. x

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