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Thursday, March 29, 2012

tranquilosophy: why social work?

video about TOMS

i'm often asked what i plan to do with my master's in social work (MSW) and why i'm pursuing it. i've pondered a blog post about it for months and decided it would be perfect for today's tranquilosopohy piece. for longtime readers, you may recall my announcement may 2009 from costa rica. poor le beau read it on my blog before seeing my email to him! it was a big decision as i was pondering the next decade as tranquil space turned 10. it's been a long journey juggling businesses, health, relationships, and transitions, but i'm on the homestretch (1 year and 1 month to go) and it feels good.

i used the TOMS video as an example of a mission that speaks to me. i long to create something similar through my ongoing work. i know, who doesn't? we all want to make a difference and do through our decisions each day. however social work seems to offer me the education and experience to continue planting more and more seeds. here are the 3 ways i plan to use my MSW:

1. continued growth and development of our non-profit, tranquil space foundation.

2. working 1:1 with clients on a deeper level than i can currently offer through mentoring.

3. social justice and activism for animals, particularly farm animals.

where does that leave yoga, eco-fashion, a blog and podcast? exactly where it is! these are all part of my DNA, big passions, and sweet babies. as i look to grow and do my best to leave an inspirational legacy, i see my MSW as expanding my tranquility toolkit. if all goes as planned, i graduate may 2013 and look forward to continuing to incorporate all i'm learning into my various roles.

below is a second video to highlight the great work of another organization, farm sanctuary. there are SO many ways to make a difference in the world and so many deserving causes. what's your plan? bisous. x

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Caren said...

You're one of a kind Kimberly.... thank you for exuding goodness. You give us all hope and inspiration.


Lindsay said...

Loved reading this post Kimberley. You are such an inspiration to us all and a great champion to the animals, yay! Keep up the good work, you are a bright light in a dark world. Thank you xx

kimberly wilson said...

a BIG thanks for reading caren + lindsay AND exploring this journey with moi! x