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Sunday, November 11, 2012

announcing: tranquility du jour daybook

long for a pink, inspiring, art-filled planner focused on balancing your mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial health? well, after months of editing, enhancing, and tweaking the tools shared in tranquilologie, i'm over the moon to announce presale of a customized tranquility du jour daybook to be released *mid-december.* ooh la la, it's a pink planner, lifestyle organizer, and wellness guide all in one.

sprinkled with artsy watercolors by mary catherine starr, this sweet, totable, colorful, square, 200-page dateless daybook includes:

* daily checklists
* weekly checklists
* monthly checklists
* 8 defined tranquility tools for daily, weekly, and monthly well-being
* 4 wheels of life to review seasonally
* 60 dateless weekly planner spreads with space for appointments, projects, and to-dos
* 12 dateless monthly layouts with accompanying page to collage and pen month's dreams
* inspiring quotes
* savvy sources
* open pages to collage, pen dreams, and muse
* a video of moi + le pug walking you through the daybook process 

optional ephemera packet add on includes:
* 10 round coordinated stickers
* 2 retro library style adhesive paper pockets for storing stickers, receipts, notecards, etc.
* 5 colored markers (ballpoint pens are passé)
* 10 coordinated appointment cards
* 15 colorful note tabs for months, projects, and dreams
* 1 roll of coordinated japanese washi tape
* 1 handmade elastic band cover
* 10 pink tags
* foil star stickers
= all wrapped by hand with love in a glassine envelope

in alignment with passion for do-gooding, a tree will be planted for each daybook sold and a portion of all sales will benefit the work of tranquil space foundation.

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Rachel said...

Wow! It looks amazing Kimberly! After our mentoring session in September I'm just about to launch my first ecourse...eek. In fact I need to drop you a thank you note about all the amazing things that seem to have happened since that session! Clinic/studio opens in Feb planning permitting!!!

Catherine said...

How gorgeous! Forget the planned pad! This looks AMAZING, Kimberly! I have to have one. Yeah to Tranquility in a pink planner. Can't wait to have mine in December!!!! and love love love that there is a paper version. I like to touch my Tranquility! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Just wondering if the pdf is 8.5x11 and meant to be printed out and put in a binder?

AZ said...

I've been looking everywhere for a good inspirational planner and this is perfect (and pink!!). I ordered mine already and cannot wait to get it. Thank you, Kimberly!!

Zoë said...

It's on my christmas wish list :))

kimberly wilson said...

jodi, the printout will be approximately 8" x 8" and will come with printing instructions. oui, you can print out and put into a binder! x


I assume so but I must ask anyhow, if u get the PDF version, can it be put onto an ipad? Happy Holidays!!

kimberly wilson said...

hi sweets, you can add PDFs to your ipad but it isn't fillable. best to print and DIY it up! x

Anonymous said...

Those stickers are beautiful! Do you know much does it cost if we buy it per piece?

-Imogen Foran