Tuesday, September 02, 2014

things i love

image + how-to courtesy of the joy of plants
1. plant-filled table

image courtesy of anna with love
2. colorful work space

image + how-to courtesy of the kitchn
3. tasty chilled black bean, feta + cucumber salad

image courtesy of style-files
4. comfy, cozy, white linens

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Monday, September 01, 2014

mindful monday: raw

Sunday morning I curled up in bed with Le Pug, his beloved and well-worn Teddy, and the latest issue of Mindful Magazine {pic above}. It was a tranquil start to a weekend that has stripped me bare emotionally. Leaving exhaustion, tears, and a soft, raw underbelly exposed.
Afterwards I savored a 2-hour meditation with Hugh Byrne and jotted down this reflection, "How do I bring wisdom, equanimity, and compassion into the world to alleviate suffering? That is the hope of these practices."

Ah, isn't that the million dollar question that we explore with yoga, too? Are these practices, Tranquility Tools, and green juices helping me live life authentically and intentionally with integrity? Can I be fully with what is happening with a sense of wisdom, equanimity, and compassion? This brings me to a mantra.

Nothing else is supposed to be happening right now. These are the words of my favorite mindfulness teacher, Gina Sager, who I get to study with the next few months at Tranquil Space. Next Sunday starts my second jaunt into the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course and it couldn't be coming at a better time. This work of Jon Kabat-Zinn is life-altering. No big deal.

May our lives be filled with ongoing moments of recognizing that nothing else is supposed to be happening right now. This moment is the most important moment of our lives. Feel into it. Deeply. Even if it isn't always pretty. Bisous. x

{To explore mindfulness further, join the "Mindfulness: Tranquility Within" e-course at anytime}

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Friday, August 29, 2014

week in review

 hours of editing space
 le pug's mug
 TranquiliT shift dress in organic cotton with vegan jacket + vegan boots
selfie to show off my inner 5-year-old hair bow

draft layout of anthology page

week in review
taught 5 classes
took 5 classes
TranquiliT fall photo shoot
taught 3-hour mindfulness workshop
call with parents on their 51st wedding anniversary
meeting with social work supervisor
worked with clients at the women's center
hours and hours of tranquility du jour anthology efforts
secured location for art + asana retreat in tuscany {october 10-17, 2015}
soaked in the tub
lots of paperwork at the women's center
released podcast with the lovely karen maezen miller
savored green juices
picked up le beau from airport
registered for a 5-week mindful relationships series
call with mary catherine starr re: italia retreat
received great input on a memoir vignette from online class participants
many walks and cuddles with le pug

weekend wish list
see boyhood
meditation class
finish a year by the sea
read empress of fashion
pen september dreams into my daybook

 et toi? what's on your holiday weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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