Friday, November 21, 2014

week in review

pretty in pink

le pug's "i want a treat for this" look at the vet

the challenge with my home practice

week in review
 taught 4 classes
took 3 classes
biked 3 miles
acupuncture session
writing group gathering
worked at the women's center
call with writing coach
mindful leadership summit
social work supervision
vegan dessert and tea meet-up 
call with teacher director
prepped agenda for directors' meeting
le pug to vet 
calls and coordination with anthology printer
sent online book launch invite to anthology pre-orders
sent love note to subscribers
feedback to web designer
daybook edits to designer
organized my work space
read life purpose book camp for interview with eric maisel
penned heaps of thank you notes
scheduled directors' holiday brunch at founding farmers
sipped heaps of green tea
sent confirms to spring art + yoga retreaters (4 spots left)
many soaks in the tub
consumed heaps of veggie chilli

weekend wish list
host productive directors' meeting
host inspiring interview with eric maisel
host inspiring 3-hour mindfulness workshop
host inspiring 3-hour mindfulness teacher training session
host friend and her pup for tea
prep packages for mailing anthology
regroup and rest

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

tranquilosophy: permission

As I sit at my new desk set-up surrounded by creative tools, a space heater to warm my toes, and a thermos of green tea to warm my spirit, I'm drawn to write.

Although your inbox is undoubtedly overflowing, my hope is that you, too, could use a virtual hug.

The holidays are around the corner and this time of the year stirs up varied emotions in everyone--many being not-so-tranquil.

If you're beginning to feel a sense of overwhelm, I encourage you to explore what, if anything, can be altered or removed altogether.

For example, are handmade holiday cards a must? Is it necessary to respond "yes!" to every holiday party invite? Could you pick up a pie from Whole Foods versus baking one from scratch?

While I'm not at all encouraging you to skip something you love, I AM encouraging you to give yourself a break. We can be our toughest critics.

Step back from the hubbub to explore how YOU want the holidays to feel. Yes, feel. Our feelings can be our biggest teachers.

Wishing you moments of deep love, spaciousness, and floral perfume. Bisous. x

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

wednesday well-being

Saturday evening, after a day of the Mindful Leadership Summit and a two-hour nap, I decided to conquer my dining table turned desk. No easy feat. When I begin makeovers like these, the pets and Le Beau tend to take cover, knowing that chaos is about to ensue.

This time, it was organized chaos. I began by adjusting my established creative space set-up near the window to accommodate my daily desk needs versus my occasional stamping, art journaling, and painting. The above pic shows the process with my laptop basking in its very own surface space and piles of pens, markers, and scented pencils, smencils (seriously), being carefully sorted.

Often times we think of well-being as a plant-based diet, yoga, and a beautifully decorated home sans pet hair or underwatered foliage.

I believe well-being includes a bit of chaos to bring about that coveted sense of order.

Sometimes the chaos comes in the form of late-night writing tools strewn about in anticipation of organization. Other times in the form of one too many sugary treats leading to a more nutritious greens-fueled meal to follow.

Allow the mess to be a glorious part of your process.

What small shift would bring about a state of well-being for you today? Is it the tackling of a catch-all drawer? The transition from a hot sugary beverage to green tea? The letting go of a relationship, project, or position that no longer resonates to make space for something new?

Let the messy process be part of the shiny red apple product.

Wishing you well-being today. And every day. Bisous.

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