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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

tranquility tour trivia

come see photos + hear stories at next week's show-and-tell {12/4, tranquil space, 7-8:30pm}

miles traveled: 11,525
tanks of gas: 55
average cost of tank: $80
bath tub soaks: 4
events hosted: 22
people met on tour: 183
camper breakdowns: 1
tires replaced: 4 plus spare
max nights in one spot: 3 {in new york, portland, oklahoma, lake louise}
olive gardens visited: 3 
candles burned: 5
cows petted: 3
states touched by miss lillie: 27
provinces crossed: 4
days on the road: 67
brownies consumed: heaps
hotel rooms: 3
miles biked with le pug in bike basket: 1
inns visited: 1 {in taos}
favorite spot: redwoods/avenue of the giants {her}, grand canyon bike path {him} 
first snow: jackson, wyoming
spontaneous stops turned spiritual: henry miller library + johnny cash museum
average miles traveled per day: 172
clothing: fit in 1sq. foot drawer {her}, fit in 1sq. foot cabinet {him}
donation to charities: $2,500 
pigs petted: 5
farm sanctuaries visited: 2 {new york + california}
average amount spent per day: $184 {gas, campground, food}
boxes of hot tamales consumed: 10

stay tuned for the release of tranquility du jour podcast #300 sharing more tour highlights

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o2bupnorth said...

hot tamales! yum! i forgot about those- fun trivia, thanks for sharing!

kimberly wilson said...

thank you for suggesting with your great questions in the giveaway post! x

~She said...

this is so fabulous to read!! :) thank you sooo very much for sharing!!