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Sunday, November 11, 2012

random updates o' love

i love the above quote by lincoln. it's the perfect reminder to give what we do our very best. i'm currently reading stephen cope's new book, the great work of your life: a guide for the journey to your true calling, and appreciate the opportunity to learn about frost, susan b. anthony, whitman, jane goodall, and others who created great work. as gandhi stated, "my life is our message." and per lincoln, make it a good one.

bonjour from bed in the woods. i'm in the same leopard print leggings and 2in1 fitted top that i arrived in friday night. sigh. i've been battling some critter since last sunday that began as a sore throat and am finally admitting defeat by curling up in bed with tech toys, le pug, tea, and books.

this year has been filled with sickness and sometimes it's been hard to distinguish grief from actual illness. from the mono diagnosis before my france retreats to numerous cold-like symptoms to achy and exhausted feelings. overall i feel healthy, but days like this prove otherwise. before i curl up for a nap, i wanted to pen a few random updates:
  • i'm learning heaps at my internship and grateful for the opportunity to practice being a beginner among such kind people. and i can finally see graduation in may. here's what i plan to do with the degree.
  • my mindfulness studies continue to help me open my eyes to new possibilities while creating space.
  • i leave for india on thursday and will be sure to share heaps of colorful pictures from my 10 days abroad.
  • i've been busily working on two projects for the past few months and hope to announce one later today. fingers crossed.
  • booked a trip home to oklahoma to spend time with family for the 1-year anniversary of my gramma's death in february. still feels surreal.
  • i was lucky enough to nosh on salad, breadsticks, pasta, and cake at my fave restaurant *twice* this week. yum!
  • yesterday i began looking for a tiny, light-filled paris apartment to rent next summer on airbnb. after all, you only turn 40 once. ooh la la!
  • i owe a "happy 8 years tranquility du jour" post. we turned 8 in october and here's the very first blog post written. we've come a long way, baby!
  • only one month left on the tranquilologie e-course. i have SO loved sharing the 8 tips for each month of 2012, seeing your connections on our FB group, and hearing your takeaways. thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • so very excited to see the new lincoln movie. i've always had a professional crush on lincoln.
  • the new continues to be tweaked and finalized. fingers crossed for a launch by the end of the year. i hope you will love to updated look.
  • i'm filled with gratitude for our sweet online community of ladies (and a few rock star men). s'il vous plaĆ®t connect via our facebook page, twitter, instagram, email, snail mail and via comments below. i love, love, love hearing from you. oh, and fab podcast coming later today! 
  • struggling to perfect granny squares. any suggestions? i know, i know, keep trying. practice makes perfect . . . but mine look like granny circles. insert pouting.
wishing you a beautiful sunday filled with smiles, cuddly blankets, pet snores, and hot tea. bisous. x

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Unknown said...

I hope you feel better, Kimberly! Happy 8th! I'm turning 40 next year too...mon dieu! I'm actually thinking about taking one of your retreats as a present to myself abroad!

goodmoodyogagirl said...

Watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and was thinking of you & your trips to India....a wonderful movie! Lots of lives intertwining in this great randomness of life. It should be pleasant and filled with kindness & love. Best wishes that you feel better soon - you bring so much joy to us. Safe travels too!

Anonymous said...

You should upload a photo of your granny squares-I'm sure they are fine but sometimes I move my corner stitches by hand so that you have the "shells" together with the proper space in between..if that makes any sense...or maybe you got a crappy/wrong pattern?

kimberly wilson said...

thanks, ladies. appreciate your kind support. and would LOVE to have you join a retreat, darlynn!

isn't the best exotic marigold hotel precious? i saw it the day i launched into semi-sabbatical mode and loved it.

and re: granny squares, must confess, it's not the pattern (can't fully read them yet), it's me. had a 1-hour lesson via facetime with mum tonight so i'm hoping to improve. x

Melinda Parkhurst said...

Happy 8th! If you're still having trouble with the granny squares, let me know. I'll be glad to help you out. Safe travels. Mwaaaah!