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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

confessions from the sick bed

donning pig socks courtesy of tranquil space teacher danielle

while i pound out a paper due thursday surrounded by school books, over the counter meds, cats, and piles of tissues, i'm in the mood to take a paper break (aka procrastinate) and over share. a few random confessions:

- when a loved one is in hospice, you are encouraged to tell them you're going to be ok when they go. i said this because i was supposed to and want to take it back. i miss my gramma terribly.
- i have a bit of a potty mouth sometimes. shhhh. le beau thinks it's endearing.
- i'm obsessed with the idea of crafting and dream of doing it 24/7.
- i'm an aspiring vegan obsessed with pizza (= making it tough).
- 2 new happy finds: dottie angel and the hip girl's guide to homemaking. (does that mean i may have to cook at some point? at least can!)
- sleeping is my favorite activity. ever.
- i believe daily naps could change the world.
- writing grad school papers about change management for a fictional agency when sick and full o' grief is super duper hard.
- i love hanging dresses around chez moi. le beau hates them falling on his head.
- going to movies solo = heaven.
- i'm an introvert who finds small talk exhausting.
- our stove doesn't work and we store things in our oven. (thank god for the toaster oven!)
- my dining room table is my home office and it rarely has blank space. this is an ongoing struggle for moi. working on a plan.

ok, back to pounding out my paper. send good paper writing thoughts as i have 2 papers and 1 presentation to go before finishing my spring semester and being SANS summer school for the first time in 2 years = yay for brain rest! any over share confessions you'd like to divulge? bisous. x

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Unknown said...

I have you in my thoughts! I hate that such a positive Patty is having such a rough go at it lately. Get better soon!

elizabeth.speck said...

I hope you feel better (and love your slippers). I completely agree that going to movies alone is fantastic! I've never understood the aversion that some people have to going to the movies solo. That said, I sometimes am funny about eating alone when I'm away on work travel.

kimberly wilson said...

merci, darlynn! x

elizabeth, oui movies alone + pig slippers are fabulous! eating alone with a book in tow can be equally delightful. x

Caren said...

Yeah for introverts! I hate small talk too.

Regarding pizza - try "TEESE" (instead of cheese). It freakin ROCKS. Vegan pizza is my favorite thing in the world to eat!!!