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Monday, May 14, 2012

rainy day musings

watercolor work by artist mary catherine starr

bonjour my beautiful readers. tonight was to be a big night. the eve before the launch of my semi-sabbatical and a fave night of teaching beautiful yogis. 

alas, on friday i was told i had mono and to rest up. oh, and hydrate tons, too! c'est la vie. so over the weekend i read heaps, slipped out for a writing workshop, consumed oodles of h2o and green tea, snuggled with louis the pug, napped, and wrote in my journal a few times a day. last night i couldn't take it anymore. was getting antsy, worried i may be getting bed sores from all the resting, and desperately needed human interaction. off to the studio i went for a quick dose of yoga. ommmm. it felt so good to move. god bless lunges and downward facing dog!

good news = i know why my throat was aching and my body was sore. plus it couldn't have come at a gentler time. no school papers, heading into semi-sabbatical mode, and no deadline monkey on my back. oh, and i get six weeks in france to recover. win-win.

however, as i prepare for my jaunt to france + to host 30 amazing ladies (+ 1 gent), i'm experiencing a sort of identity crisis. no, not because of my recent diagnosis (mono smono), but because the past 13 years my life has been tranquil space, tranquil space, tranquil space. tomorrow morning is the bi-monthly manager meeting and my first to blatantly miss. it feels odd. should i swing by and say i was in the neighborhood? hmmm, i think the adjustment will be much harder for me than the team. who am i if not the magician behind the lavender-scented velvet curtain of my first bebe, tranquil space? 

time will tell and i look forward to exploring this transition in my art journal and on this blog. any identity crisis/transition advice you'd like to share? books, articles, lessons learned? i'm all ears!

wishing you and yours a tranquil eve filled with sound identity (sans achy body). bisous. x

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Lexi said...

Darling - you don't need me to tell you that the Universe sent you the gift of mono so that you might rest ... xo

Anonymous said...

The thing I have to keep reminding myself of in the midst of transitions is that we are not what we do. We all get so wrapped in the roles we play we forget it's more about how we show up and who we are not what we do. And you are an inspiration to so many in so many ways.
Trust the whispers of your soul

As far as a book I would say a lovely one is This time I dance by Tama Kieves (and her blog has some amazing inspiration there to)

Blessings to you!

J said...

Kimberly...i had mono years ago. Part of mono is that you have a swollen spleen. Apprently you can have degrees of mono and mine was very severe. The doctor was afraid i would rupture my spleen if i so much as bumped into a piece of furniture. Please please be careful of doing yoga when you have mono because your spleen is very delicate. :( i know you get cagey from mono bed rest but maybe go for a long walk instead?

Julia Coney said...

Kimberly, I'm so excited for your sabbatical. Enjoy.


Sorry to hear about the mono;(
I have been reading this wonderful book and it reminded me of you, I just had to share! The title is, Paris My Sweet by Amy Thomas. Its a wonderful read about a woman's experience of living in Paris for a year and her love affair with french pastries and cupcakes! She gives some great recommendations of where u can go in the city of light for all the sweets!! Enjoy, Patty C

Rebecca said...

I was diagnosed with mono 2 years ago, a few days after my college graduation. I'd just moved home and my boyfriend at the time moved out of the country. Definitely a transition period, so I can relate.

Just know that your sparkly pink legacy has powerfully impacted many women's (and men's) lives for the better. I'm excited to see what you do next and there's not a doubt in my mind that the next phase of your life will be so awesome it will make all the icky transition stuff worth it. Hang in there and enjoy France!!

kimberly wilson said...

ah, the gift of rest and transitions. thanks for the thoughtful feedback. SO very appreciated. the whole process (mono"ish" diagnosis plus tons of transition) is unfolding nicely despite the discomfort. it's ALL part of the practice, right? ah, such a journey. thanks for joining me on it! xx

create.grow.encourage.heal said...

What you do is NOT who you are! Your business is a result of your actions. However, the mission, vision, charity, and success is a result of WHO you are. You are still you changing, growing and evolving but still with the same spirit and same love. Changing your role or location doesn't change any of that - it allows for more to pour forth through you. You also have to trust yourself - you have put the right people in management - you know them well. Have fun in Paris! Trust, REST and embrace the time and see what flows through you.