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Friday, June 25, 2010

the final foodie friday guest post!

it has been such a pleasure to share with you, sweet sweet readers, at the end of every other week! i have immensely enjoyed meeting each of you! this has been a wonderful opportunity to promote tranquility together!

"it's incredible that we have the opportunity to hold the whole earth on our lips" - from the fine tastes of the world post

to peruse the collection of musings that we've shared together...


a celebration of the new year with a recipe for earl grey cupcakes

thoughts on fresh figs, whole oats and rose

the fine tastes of the world found in sea salt, coffee beans and dark chocolate


my travels in the south of france as a journey through poetry - part one and part two


yummy and nourishing breakfast suggestions

tranquil and replenishing lunch ideas


savvy sources: the best cookbooks


an ayurvedic recipe for chicken laksa with rice noodles

how to host the perfect dinner party inspired by sunday suppers


the best online inspiration sources

you can also listen to the podcast that kimberly and i did together here! (click on episode #180)

thank you so much for your sweet responses to my words and photographs... if you'd like to continue to follow them, you can visit my own lifestyle blog.
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