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Friday, January 08, 2010

foodie friday... a series of favorites

first, the story of the fresh figs. i'm the girl who wandered the outdoor markets this summer, and every single time came home with a basket of figs. whether in london, whether in edinburgh, whether in florence, whether in vancouver... whether in a trench coat, whether in skinny jeans, whether in a bikini under a dress... always figs. i was so enamored with those dark little jewels, soft on the fingers with perfect little stems. the world is enamored with these sweet little indulgences that are voluptuously generous, that are elegantly luxurious. each time i would imagine what the ripe, jammy fruits would become - perhaps, a simple platter of raw sweetness to eat with croissants at the breakfast table. perhaps, paired with goat's cheese and arugula for a refreshing salad. perhaps, caramelized and tucked into a thin crepe with creme fraiche and lemon. as the seasons changed, summer faded into autumn, and autumn into winter, figs became less common, less succulent. our little summer affair was left to become delicious memories of sharing with friends, of good white wine, of toast catalogue pages, of purple flesh and of subtle seeds. every solstice and equinox sees me fall in love with new favorites... because as important as figs are, it is also important to move with the seasons... over the coming few weeks, i'll share a few of the favorites that are on our platters this season, and in time, they will change again.

these are the flavours and textures that are drawing me into early winter. they comfort, they warm while the trees are bare. they are the ones i gravitate towards when i've come home from a snowy afternoon, when i pull off my hunter wellingtons.

whole oats. powdery little grains of wonder, cultivated all around the world. when baked into little cakes, they are dense and chewy and lend a certain nuttiness. when steel cut oats are cooked on the stove, they can be heated with soy milk and vanilla for a warm breakfast. porridge is the perfect companion for a bowl of blueberries or a hint of ginger. in edinburgh, oats are so apart of the traditional culture of sustenance, a couple of young men made a porridge bar at our favorite farmer's market where we wandered the stalls of scottish produce while bearing the gusty winds with a comforting spoonful of organic oats topped with whiskey & honey. oats are the breakfast dreamed of by chilled toes on a winter morning.

rose. an unconventional, elegant flavor associated with delicacy and english country gardens. organic chinese wild rose buds, dried, make the perfect tea-like infusion in a hot cast iron teapot. a cup of black or green tea that is scented with jasmine and rose water is also gorgeously romantic. on a date with the handsome husband, it's ideal to make some rose & cardamom cocktails! while sitting by a fireplace on a snowy day, i dream of being wrapped in a faux fur throw, with a classic french novel, music about incredible love, a glass of prosecco and a little plate of delicate rose macarons. let it snow...

soon i will share with you more flavors - perhaps dark chocolate, perhaps mussels, perhaps preserves...

what are your favorites?

robyn michelle-lee is an ashtanga yogini, a literature student, a photographer and a lifestyle writer.

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kimberly wilson said...

j'adore rose bud tea. absolute favorite. this post is a good reminder to indulge in our favorites regularly as i save these yummy rose buds for special occasions. off to infuse with hot water now! xo

Sallie Ann said...

I now really want rose macarones! I've already fallen in love with Tesli's sweet rose tea, and drove all over Pennsylvania looking for it when I left my box at home.

One of my first posts on Bunny Bites was a recipe for fig and blue cheese pizza that was just wonderful. I'm a huge fan of figs too, and the flavor combinations in that pizza are just wonderful.

This was a great post. find how to make those cookies!

Analiese said...

I share your love for these flavors. One of my personal favorites is basil. It's such an evocative food for me because I associate the scent and flavor with many wonderful experiences and memories. I use it in so many dishes. I just can't get enough!

Zoƫ said...

J'adore olives!