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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

signature style: tweeps to follow

what should young people do with their lives today?
many things, obviously.
but the most daring thing is to create stable communities
in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.
(kurt vonnegut, jr.)

hello gorgeous tranquilitas!
thanks for clicking through for a bit of tranquility. as you might already know, i share musings on signature style here at tdj every other wednesday. last time, i announced summer's arrival and shared a few ideas on welcoming the new season with open arms. this week's post features a number of my favorite tweeps to follow for inspiration, style tips and 140-character thoughts infused with love.

it's never to late to join the conversation
social media is a celebration of community, connectivity and creativity. although it can be overwhelming, it's something where diving in is optional and dabbling is acceptable. twitter made a big splash back in 2009, but i believe it's here to stay. if you haven't joined the conversation, try it out. i'm certain you'll find it enjoyable, and perhaps enlightening.

what can come from a tweet?
for some, twitter is a business strategy. for others, it's a source of inspiration. it's a community. a party, school-yard and live news feed. it's an opportunity to share your signature style, and a chance to learn from those with big ideas and even bigger hearts.

tweeps to follow
here's a list of people on twitter who i find to be incredibly valuable. i enjoy their tweets because they share interesting links, ideas and thoughts. if you're not already, do yourself a favor and follow them! if you want to see what happens when a bunch of creative social media geniuses gather in one place, follow the signature style list.

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kaileenelise is a sparklista, yogini, artist, blogger & creative entrepreneur living in raleigh, nc. follow her on twitter & visit her blog for musings on making every day an extraordinary adventure.

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Melita said...

fabulous list! hugs!!

MELANIE said...

Great list! Thx for the mention :)

Hope | Paper Relics said...

This is a great group - thanks for including me!

Anonymous said...

very nice list!! love the community vibe on twitter! xo