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Friday, April 02, 2010

foodie friday... tips for tranquility

so go, look in a mirror, bountiful living means you,
you in all your splendor, your loving, your feeling, your insights and your confusion,
the complexity and simplicity that makes you,
is all that is bountiful.
look no further, you are the wealth of the world.
experience that, and your will experience bountiful living.
– kabir

this month, i've written about how we can seek out tranquility in your daily routine and allow your breakfast time and your midday meal to be moments of reflection and nourishment... along with this post today, my podcast interview on tranquility du jour will be posted for you... as you take a tranquil moment to listen to kimberly and i muse about the food experience, you'll notice that we discuss food as beauty, as lifestyle and as an opportunity for tranquility. in light of kimberly's thoughts this week on slowing down our lives, and in anticipation of this holiday weekend, i'd love to share with you my tips on how we can use what satiates and sustains us as a reminder to be still and to savor our lives.

take a whole day to prepare a traditional recipe, such as homemade bread. it will sit in your grandmother's large mixing bowl and fill your home with the aromas of generations past.

drink fresh water. it will cleanse your body.

try a new flavor and let it linger on your senses. taking the time to articulate what aromas and textures you are experiencing will bring you back into living in the moment.

roll up a woolen blanket and fill a basket with portable fare and a classic novel. have a picnic beneath the floating cherry blossom petals and savor the rejuvenation that comes with springtime.

don a dress and make a reservation at a fine dining restaurant in your city. converse for hours with someone you love as you are pampered with elegant ambiance, several courses and recommended wine pairings.

invite your littlest ones into the kitchen and allow them to experience the culinary process with you. invite them to taste anything that attracts them and to get their tiny hands dirty without inhibitions.

be gentle on your body and give it a break from something that you usually indulge in: caffeine, refined sugars, dairy products. experience the levity.

visit the public market and wander through the rows of local produce. speak with the vendors as they are eager to share their love for the substances that connect all of us one another.

be still in meditation and finish it with peaceful savasana, tucked under a warm throw. staying in silence for a little while after your practice will allow you absorb the effects of your meditation and will make time for you sip a cup of soothing tea.

tell me: how do you seek tranquility?

posted by robyn. visit her blog: this is life.

robyn michelle-lee is an ashtanga yogini, a foodie, a literature student, a photographer, a marketing assistant, and a lifestyle writer. live this moment - live your lifestyle.

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