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Friday, June 25, 2010

week in review a la los angeles

photo from new york times:

bonjour from the city of angels.

i have fun photos from my journey but haven't yet uploaded them so stay tuned. in the interim, a girlfriend sent the above link and i've been over the moon ever since. can. you. stand. that. cottage?

enjoying a few rare moments of wifi (has been hard to find in LA for some odd reason), prepping for tonight's extravaganza at happy los angeles, and wanted to share my experience thus far.

week in review:
- launched second tranquilista joie de vivre e-course + *delighted* with the lovely ladies on board
- buddhafest yumminess
- meditation with sharon salzberg
- received green light to return to yoga
- french cafe with two delightful ladies from venice beach who came to bodhi tree book event
- spontaneous trip to santa barbara wine country
- spontaneous upgrade to convertible and sunburned within minutes
- santa monica pier and promenade
- annoyed with LA traffice, we holed ourselves up in a santa barbara theatre and saw get him to the greek. have secret crush on russell brand. very funny, entertaining film!
- savored art and snail watching at the getty. photos to come.
- picked up 36 cupcakes at sprinkles in beverly hills.
- spent 2 nights in the beverly wilshire and was enamored with the top notch customer service (+ super soft sheets).
- did bookstore browsing (shocker!) and found these two books that i must add to my wishlist: creative wildfire and 168 hours
- spent 20ish hours finishing social policy final paper on immigration.
- started a new semester in summer school and gave a presentation on immigration in the united states and offered a goody bag (the motivator that always works for moi!) to all colleagues who took notes + action. action items in case you are interested:

1. Sign the email petition demanding that your representatives in Congress, the Obama administration, and the Department of Homeland Security:

* not cooperate with Arizona’s new law,

* file injunctions to the law (which would ban enforcement of the new law until it is reviewed), and

* start pushing for real comprehensive immigration reform.

2. Join a protest in your area! If you can’t find one, organize one yourself! Connect with local organizations and student groups that are leading the effort. Be prepared to talk to the media about why you oppose SB 1070.

3. Hit them where it hurts the most – the wallet! The American Immigration Lawyers’ Association has led the way by canceling its annual conference in Scottsdale. And there’s a movement to get Major League Baseball’s 2011 All-Star game moved out of Arizona.

4. Use your social media!

* Twitter: Use hashtag #LegalizeAZ to connect with more people taking action against SB 1070.

* Facebook: Change your profile picture to the solidarity badge above to show solidarity. Join the group 1 million strong against SB 1070!

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feeling quite full at the moment. in a good way. you know the full feeling when you're feeling lucky? that's where i am. it's been a treat to escape after my final craziness and, honestly, the timing wasn't intentional. love it when things simply work out.

as i was snail watching and basking in sunshine today, time seemed to stand still. in today's fast paced life, it is a joy to come across such moments.

at the getty gift shop (j'adore museum shops) i came across a great quote by saint augustine that seems perfect to close out the week and today's post: "the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

wishing you a joyful launch into the weekend!



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rachal said...

Thank you for posting that information about the Arizona Immigration Policy..... people need to make their voice heard about this.