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Friday, April 30, 2010

foodie friday... savvy sources

earlier this week, kaileen shared with you some savvy sources for getting your signature style. now that you all look beautiful in your fashion finds, allow me to share with you some of my savvy sources for nourishing your body and celebrating with the culture of food! these are some of my favourite cookbooks - they have inspiring recipes, they feature new ingredients to try, they have stunning photographs. enjoy!

for a book filled with the stories and images of world travel and baking recipes from far away lands, i suggest home baking: the artful mix of flour and traditions from around the world by jeffrey alford and naomi duguid.

for a volume that explores produce and grains, season by season, with a traditional and non-processed approached, i love clean food by terry walters.

the mouth-watering food writing and the seasonally-inspired dinner party menus for large groups make a platter of figs by david tanis the perfect companion for entertaining and celebrating simply.

for a book of techniques and simple, alluring photographs, choose kitchen: the best of the best by michele cranston.

if you have ever wondered how to make the perfect macaron, this step-by-step cookbook, i love macarons by hisako ogita is the ultimate guide to every aspect of the process.

any cookbook by leanne kitchen is filled with rustic and charming food styling that celebrates food at its best and the greengrocer would be a great book to begin with. she also has created the dairy, the butcher, and others.

rose elliot is known in the u.k. for her vegetarian recipes and veggie chic is a collection of her most beautiful creations for the elegant hostess.

for a book with fun stories and photographs that inspires a love for food and makes people gather together around a table, i recommend miss dahl's voluptuous delights: the art of eating a little of what you fancy by sophie dahl.

last year, i had the opportunity to work with food stylist, susie theodorou, and the rest of the amazing production team on a new ayurvedic cookbook by anjum anand, anjum's eat right for your body type. if you were inspired by this week's podcast about ayurveda, this book will be filled with recipes for you and your dosha... it was recently released in the united kingdom and i am still waiting for my copy to arrive, so i have yet to see it!

are you a foodie and want to be featured in a cookbook? the new york times' amanda hesser and merrill stubbs have started a cookbook project that features homecooks, called food52. you'll find my profile under the list of 'cooks we admire' - i'll have my recipe for herb and white wine granita published in the cookbook. perhaps i'll see one of your recipes published in the book, also!

do you have a favorite cookbook?

have you heard my podcast interview with kimberly about beautiful lifestyle and food? you can listen here.

posted by robyn. visit her blog: this is life.

robyn michelle-lee is an ashtanga yogini, a foodie, a journalism and literature student, a photographer, and a lifestyle writer. live this moment - live your lifestyle.

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