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Saturday, January 26, 2013

week in review

 le chat noir sitting fireside
 le pug barking at sunshine
 donning my hard hat at internship
 surrounded by creativity tools
all bundled up in faux fur for snow

i've heard from many of you that you're missing this weekly column. i was pondering a "monthly highlights" instead. would that resonate or does the "week in review" provide inspiration in a more meaningful way? 

week in review
took 2 yoga classes + 1 yoga workshop
taught 2 yoga classes
20 hours at social work internship
2 social work classes
1 gym jaunt
2 meditation classes 
1 3-hour mindfulness-based stress reduction class
signed up for employee assistance program certificate 
penned thank you notes
2 wine dates with friends
dinner + ballet with le beau for 9-year anniversary
launched new website 
hosted a mentoring session
1-hour management call
tea date with girlfriend
made heaps of daybook ephemera packets
worked with designer on new complimentary daybook add ons
added daybook to etsy store
savored 5 green smoothies
picked up fresh flowers
booked flight to paris for spring retreats
penned tranquilosophy: simple pleasures
shared things i love tuesday (dreaming of travels)
launched mindful monday
recorded podcast with laura vanderkam on productive weekends
reached out to holistic vet re: le chat noir with cancer care

weekend wish list
learn heaps at yoga philosophy workshop 
sing along with tony bennett at tonight's concert
release how-to podcast + new PDFs to daybook supporters
learn heaps at an upcycling class
tea date with guest teacher
morning meditation class
sip green smoothies
take a yummy yoga class

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous x

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Anonymous said...

I know your schedule is crazy busy... but I love your "Week in Review" posts. They're inspirational - to me anyway. :)

Shannon said...

I totally agree with Sneaux.

Anonymous said...

I like the week in reviews, love the idea of monthly highlights thogh..actually one of my fave parts os the weekend wishlist that you do in this post.. Or compromise weekly highlights.. (or get someone to help you link up the items to = less time consuming for you.. I'll do it!)

rachal said...

I can't believe how much you accomplish in a week- but I know it takes tons of time to just get the post ready....maybe keep the weekly list but don't worry about the links??

Anonymous said...

Week in review is very inspirational! I hope to keep seeing it.


melissa said...

I adore your week in review. Adore! It inspires me to stay on top of my own intentions and goals, which in turn are good for others in my life ~ see the chain reaction? Your weekly list impacts so many others. (But I am super sorry if they exhaust you ~ none of us want that to happen!)

Janet said...

I must echo the previous comments. I look forward to your week in review posts. But I also know that when the little voice inside you is telling you to slow down and cut back a little, that it's important to listen. I'm grateful for whatever you are able to share.

Helen said...

This is a favorite. I hope you'll find time to keep it, it is inspiring. Actually, you are inspiring, the list just helps us keep up!

AZ said...

I love your "Week in Review" posts. Very inspirational! Reading them always makes me want to review my week and set goals for the weekend.

Miss Olivia said...

Love the new web site!

kimberly wilson said...

thanks, ladies, for your kind feedback. i'm SO honored to hear that these posts are meaningful to you. consider it a continuing weekly column. ommmm xx