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Thursday, January 24, 2013

tranquilosophy: simple pleasures

 sipping tea
 noticing beauty along journey
 giving gifts
savoring scented treasures
receiving unconditional love
getting dolled up + taking in a dreamy ballet
devouring tasty treats

this week has been filled with sensory delights noted while participating fully in everyday living. from the benefits of meditation and yoga classes, to taking in a dreamy alice in wonderland ballet on my 9-year anniversary, to heaps of tea sipping, to savoring decadent desserts, to noticing flowery beauty while le pug walking. ommmm

the good news is that each day offers the opportunity to delight in the simple pleasures of daily life. take a moment to look around your home, office, or cafe -- wherever you are reading this from -- and notice one simple pleasure. it may be as simple as expressing gratitude for your warm environment, or the piping hot beverage next to your screen, or the purring kitty nearby, or the white dusting across the city, or the cubicle that envelops your work space with a dose of privacy. 

taking time to relish simple pleasures in daily life makes the mundane (walks to work, drives to dance practice, dog parks, eating, drinking, bathing) a truly divine experience. what one simple pleasure will you offer yourself today? embrace the beauty that surrounds you, if only you'd slow for a moment to notice. bisous

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cococita said...

That's exactly what I noticed by doing my 365 + 1 Grateful Project and keeping a Gratitude Journal made and makes me extra aware of these simple pleasures. It's all about the little things, n'est-ce pas?

melissa said...

simple pleasures of today: my new navy blue scarf (a new color for me!), oodles of honey-vanilla tea, dark chocolate covered corn flakes from Jacques Torres (you MUST try!), a super fast six mile run, cooking delish veggie meal for my family, and sitting in my cozy kitchen reading your blog. :-)