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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

more DIY daybook love

more DIY daybook love from janet and alyson. kitties seem to be very drawn to the cool, glassy pages! truly precious.

to help inspire your DIY desires, here's an idea from janet, "I thrive on organization and love organizational tools - including lots of lists. And if I can find those tools, or make them, that are pretty? I am one happy girl! I am using the daybook as a learning tool as well -- I have written the names of each month in French on the back of each of my monthly tabs and am including the days of the week and numbers in French also on some pages. My list of goals and intentions for the year continues to grow, so I just keep adding to it using Post-it notes."

reminder: watch for a special email coming to all daybook purchasers with fun tips and tricks super duper soon plus fancy complimentary PDF add ons (my graphic designer is busily whipping up the latest for you).

i hope you're finding the system o' tranquility (checklists!) helps infuse your days with self-care, mindfulness, and creative flair. share your favorite daybook pics with moi as i'd love to feature YOUR creative sparks and unique ways of crafting your DIY daybooks. bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you bound your book! I need to do that as mine has started falling apart.

kimberly wilson said...

i'm SO sorry to hear this, sweets. if the spine is broken, pages may pull away from the binding glue. ugh!

if you want to spiral bind it, i'm happy to help you locate a FedEx/kinkos, staples, office max, etc., location. it costs $5-$10 and i'm happy to reimburse you.

email moi ( and i'm happy to assist. again, my sincerest apologies for the spine glue troubles! x

Meet Holly said...

I love the Tranquility du Jour Daybook. I'm a Planner Pad fan and this is just what I was looking for to enhance and beautify my planner.

One suggestion . . . while the glossy paper is beautiful, it can be difficult to write on and erasing leaves shiny smudges. Perhaps a different type of paper???

kimberly wilson said...

dearest holly,

avoid using wet pens on glossy paper or it will smudge. sadly, i sent thank yous on glossy paper with a wet pen and it arrived looking like an art project. instead use a ballpoint, felt tip or sharpie pen and all will be beautiful. felt tips are my new fave and are smooth as butter on the lush paper! x