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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

wednesday well-being: ayurveda

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during last week's vegan academy we had a brief talk on ayurveda and it was a lovely reminder to utilize daily ritual. i've had a dry brush since my jivamukti teacher training in 2007 and probably used it less than five times. alas, the bristles hurt my sensitive skin. lately i've read more about it and was encouraged once again to give it a go. while dry brushing yesterday, i looked in the mirror and saw dust coming off of my skin {or maybe the brush}. either way, i am beginning to wonder if all the hype has basis behind it so i'm committing to regular dry brushing

a few key points victoria moran shared during this talk included:
  • live in harmony with nature and go to bed by 10pm, get up by 6am. 
  • learn your dosha
  • sip a cup of warm water with lemon in the morning to jump start the system
  • dry brush
  • neti pot + tongue scraper
  • try a sesame oil massage before you shower
  • take a walk after lunch and dinner
  • try a vatta pick-me-up at the 3pm slump with a green apple or walnuts
  • have your last bit of food 3 hours before bed
i've been practicing the earlier to bed and earlier to rise tip the past week or so and it feels SO much better. really working to shift my rhythms to less night owl and more early bird. i'm an avid tongue scraper and have recently been using a face oil that makes my skin glow. although i'm a bit out of the oil on my skin ritual, i need to return to it. may just head over to amazon and get me some sesame oil! my morning warm water concoction is yummy green tea but i enjoyed water with lemon during my recent detox. hmmmm.

this sample daily schedule and the tips from is most helpful. et toi? how does your daily routine align to these suggestions?

also, take a listen to these older podcasts with tranquil space teacher anne thiel on ayurveda:
101, 201, 301, get your ayurveda on. and this one with monica bloom. all oldies but goodies.

wishing you a wednesday filled with deep connection to well-being. bisous. x

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Rachel said...

I must confess that dry brushing sets my teeth on edge, although maybe I should try it again. I'm pretty good at the early to bed early to rise these days, ditto lemon water, but do find it hard to eat three hours before bed when I work in the evening!

I get all my oils from (which I'm happy to report has a US site), I highly recommend them, I haven't worked with such good oils as these before.

kimberly wilson said...

rachel: agree, it's taken awhile to become friends with the bristles but i'm determined. thanks for the oils info! x