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Friday, February 22, 2013

week in review

 trying to convince nephew that magnetic poetry *is* cool
 the craft table
 embroidery time with mama
saying our goodbyes at the airport yesterday

week in review
1 MSW class
flight to and from oklahoma
information session on social work licensing (3,000 hours!)
yoga outside in oklahoma sunshine
hosted "living your yoga" workshop for 21-day yoga challenge finishers (congrats!)
taught 1 yoga class
released podcast with le beau on "managing your juggling"
penned tranquilosophy: one year later
delivered flowers to gramma's grave
mourned 1-year mark of gramma's passing
attended nephew's birthday party + played skeeball
gifted nephew artist kit + magnetic poetry (yay creativity)
picked up camel-colored vintage cowgirl coat 
shared things i love
shipped TranquiliT treats
embroidered 4 tea towels
weathered troll on sensitive topic (grief) + le beau responded while i chose not to engage
made peach mint and strawberry rhubarb jams (giveaway forthcoming)
penned mindful monday
hosted a mentoring session
savored many soaks in parent's claw foot tub
mindfulness-based stress reduction class
slept tons
quick hike through favorite forest
savored fried okra at meers

weekend wishlist
 daylong mindfulness workshop
tea with girlfriend
offer inspiring presentation at the new leaders council
catch up on backlog from travel
prep for wednesday's launch of the tranquility project e-course
ponder blog editorial calendar
watch oscars with le beau + 4-legged family fireside

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x 

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Angeliki said...

What a great week! Here's to an amazing weekend :)