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Friday, August 06, 2010

week in review: adventure-filled

happy friday night from a starbucks in san antonio. god bless their new free wifi offerings.

before i dash off to my uncle's ranch in hill country, i wanted to share a few updates on this out of the ordinary week:

- interview on great day, SA on all things tranquil. fun to have a live audience.
- picked up new cowboy boots. thanks for all your suggestions on facebook! (see upper left photo)
- left DC at 11pm on monday and landed in OK at 7pm on wednesday. beau drove the whole way and i napped in back with sir louis (see upper right photo of us snuggled up in the back seat)
- bought the eat, pray, love soundtrack and j'adore it!
- opened tranquil space arlington's new hOMe and welcomed our yogis
- finished 168 hours. highly recommend.
- started it's not about the coffee. enjoying!
- skimmed wanderlust and lipstick. loved. india, here i come!
- read half of non-violent communication. highly recommend.
- enjoyed small doses of yoga via hotel rooms and the car.
- sipped yummy reisling and savored delightful salad along little rock's riverfront. super cute! yay for healthy dining after oodles of travel food.
- overdue pedicure.
- oodles of tweets on this adventure. more to cOMe.
- sent brief e-newsletter on tour de texas and fall sneak preview. sign up for these at the bottom of
- answered lots of formspring questions. ask away!

how was *your* week? any exciting plans for the weekend? sending you lots of warm wishes for a moment of deep breathing, iced green tea, and the scent of lavender.


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Gretchen said...

I started following your blog last week and absolutely love it. I can't believe that you read/skimmed all of those books this week, besides having time to fit in everything else that you did. I'm so impressed!

moi said...

You cover a lot of ground, tranquilista. Love the boots!

In training for the India retreat, I just downloaded the Autobiography of a Yogi. Have you read it?

Caren said...

You MUST read Happy Cow!! It's a hysterical memoir about an austrailian woman who goes to live in India for a year with her BF who's a correspondent. It's truly amazing, but I recommend reading it while you're there so you can appreciate it. She spends a ton of time in Rishikesh....where you'll be staying.

Enjoy Tx,
Yee ha!

Sarah said...

My week(end) has become very out of the norm and unexpected, as I find myself fostering a tiny kitten.

Sounds like you are having a fabulous time so far in OK & TX!

Unknown said...

Hello from, Mali, West Africa, Kimbery! I was a yogi at Tranquil Space before leaving for the Peace Corps in early July. Although I miss going to the TS 17th St. hOMe each week, I'm exploring a whole new level of tranquility and self journey on and off my mat in Mali. Although I don't have frequent Internet access, I always make time to catch up on Tranquility Du Jour! Feel free to follow my blog, Musing in Mali, at (in your loads of free time, haha).