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Thursday, August 05, 2010

more fall 2010 + updates a la oklahOMa

bonjour from sultry oklahOMa!

super duper excited to share professional shots (with a couple of my randOM ones) from sunday's TranquiliT shoot. our 2 new designs (one shoulder caftan = yum! and turtleneck aren't shown here but they are gorgeous pieces). more to cOMe, along with a new website, too! hope you love the looks as much as i do!

headed to san antonio later today for tomorrow's segment on great day s.a. (kens, channel 5) and then enjoying a day off sans 8hr + rides (beau drives) along the riverwalk. leaving sir louis at camp parents (le sigh) and gave them all the instructions:

- he gets a treat each time he does sOMething cute or uses the loo
- you can't leave the house w/o giving him a treat (seriously, he won't let you)
- he overheats easily thanks to smooshed face
- he snores loudly, don earplugs
- he doesn't like closed doors, needs full access at ALL times
- lately he needs help down from places he's jumped (sore joints)
- he likes to hear he's handsOMe . . . often
- make his freeze dried no grain veggie food twice a day, add meat of his choice, he hearts steak although i wish he preferred tofu

other than *that*, he's super easy!


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Vintage Butterfly said...

I adore the new TranquiliT darling, can't wait until we can purchase them. :)

April said...