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Friday, October 10, 2014

week in review

his/hers gelato
hanging new pink twinkle lights at the pink palace
my little darth vader

week in review
taught 5 classes
took 2 classes
took mindful relationships class
saw evita at the kennedy center
brunch with girlfriend
hosted a 2-hour writing lab
took mindfulness-based stress reduction class
interviewed mindy tsonas for monday's podcast
editing and design of anthology and daybook
 daybook ephemera bag prep {announcing soon}
apple store for new iphone screen 
2-hour meeting with social work supervisor
lots and lots of sleep {soooo tired these days}
project meetings with le beau
biked 7 miles 
wax appointment
penned october dreams
shipped softcover tranquility du jour daybooks {found ONE hardcover, if interested email}
 set up podcast interviews
dressed le pug up as darth vader and laughed for days
prepped homework for writing group
call with web designer regarding two redesigns
warmed fireside
sipped numerous green libations

weekend wish list
eye exam
hips workshop + dinner with mary catherine starr
brunch date
mindfulness-based stress reduction class
teach charity class
sleep in

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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Unknown said...

Ice cream and sparkly lights are the best!

Jackie said...

Louis the pug in a Darth Vader costume is one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life!