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Thursday, October 09, 2014

tranquilosophy: TDJ 10 years part 1

In honor of our 10-year anniversary, I'll be Tranquility du Jour storytelling here on Thursdays over the next few weeks. Today I'll share a piece from the upcoming Anthology (hitting mail boxes next month) about my blogging process and its evolution over the past decade.

Despite the sophistication of blogging now, I’ve never been one to write, lay out, and schedule posts in advance. Nope, no blog editorial calendar for me. I prefer to see what the muse brings. If I have something to say, I want to share it right at that moment. Kind of like a child who can’t wait to show mom what was created in school that day. Or, honestly, every time I try to surprise. I’m way too excited not to say, “I may or may not have gotten you a gift card to your favorite restaurant!” 

Sure, there are times that I sit down and have a story or essay in mind. Often it’s a picture I’ve posted on Instagram that fuels my piece. Over the past few years I have transitioned to columns, offering specific topics on certain days from Mindful Monday to Friday’s Week in Review. This has helped keep the musing fresh and focused on one of the subjects that resonate during that particular snapshot of daily life. 

When I hear that the blog has helped infuse a reader’s day with inspiration, I find the consistent dedication to wordsmithing is making a difference. And when a reader shares that she has found a home with a fellow lover of things that may not seem to align—mindfulness, fashion, yoga, animals, art—I know the blog is serving a need. It’s allowing those who feel multipassionate to find a common space. 

Not ever being one to fit a mold (I mean, I wore a pink belt around my gold grade-school soccer jersey), it’s helpful to connect with others who also feel outside the mold and seek a sacred space to be seen, heard, and appreciated. Fully, sans pretense. The writing practice calls for that sort of vulnerability. My hope is that is experienced when one reads Tranquility du Jour.  

Happy 10 years Tranquility du Jour and thank YOU, dear readers, for being an integral part of this journey. Bisous. x

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Deborah said...

Happy 10 year Blogiversary! Your blog is a blessing and it is my "go to" place for everything Tranquil. You are an amazing, inspirational, and beautiful woman!!! Thank you for taking your passion and sharing it :)


kimberly wilson said...

Thank you, Deborah. I appreciate you joining me for a dose of tranquility! x

o2bupnorth said...

Your writing definitely makes a difference. I so look forward to news doses of tranquility, but I also love to revisit older pieces you're written as well. It's like a cozy bit of comfort and some eye candy too! A welcoming space to exhale. Thank you for 10 years, and here's to many more!