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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

wednesday well-being: love notes

This love note collage fills my soul with joy. 

The time taken from a busy life to pen congrats, gratitude, thinking of you, or anything else in between, reflects a welcomed dose of old-timey effort.

Although some may claim that the handwritten note is passé, a recent article in The New York Times mused on the fine art of thank-you notes. Inside, a New York fashion publicist claims, “It not only strengthens the bonds between people, in your personal life and in business,” he said of the custom, “it also rings an emotional chord.”

Instilled in me at a young age, I've held on to the thank-you note tradition. I tote blank note cards when traveling or leaving home for more than a few hours, so that I can pen one on-the-go. And, of course, I've got stamps and address labels in my wallet for a quick send off. 

Stuck with what to say? Worried you don't have the right stationery or pen? There are books, articles, and ideas to help. Here's how NOT to write a love letter. Enjoy how to write a charming thank-you note. Savor the art of letter writing, including necessary supplies.

Sure a text, tweet, email, call, or message is lovely, however, nothing takes the place of a tangible hold-in-your-hand love note. Gather pen, paper, a stamp, and an envelope, and make someone's day. You may just make your own in the process. Bisous. x

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