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Friday, August 22, 2014

week in review

 tranquil space saturday morning
 le chat noir making himself most comfortable
 le pug showing contemplative side
 chez moi
 writing lab
brunch at le diplomate
 jackson grooming le pug {while both on my lap}

week in review
 tea date with girlfriend
movie + drink date with girlfriend
 brunch date with girlfriend
took 4 yoga classes
taught 5 classes
got tickets for evita and little dancer
dinner date on capital hill with girlfriend
signed up for weekend with sharon salzberg + sylvia boorstein
meeting with social work supervisor
tranquility du jour anthology edits
reviewed italy retreat locations
TranquiliT fall photo shoot prep
call with writing teacher
read lots of a year by the sea
call with web designer
sent love note to subscribers

weekend wish list
host inspiring 3-hour mindfulness workshop
ease-filled TranquiliT fall photo shoot
editing and writing

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?

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Helen said...

I love your blog so. I've been following for years and you always inspire me. One day I will focus, settle down, and lead a healthier more mindful life. And You will be part of the reason I finally get there!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Unknown said...

Can I ask a small question? How many hours do you have in a day? You always seem to get so much done!

kimberly wilson said...

Thank you for reading, Helen. Much appreciated and honored to hear that it's helping you move toward a more mindful life. That's the journey! x

kimberly wilson said...

Dearest Bekah, sleep is my superpower so I'm left with 16 wakeful hours each day. I have a bad habit of squeezing lots into them, however, I balance it with heaps of self-care. x