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Monday, August 18, 2014

mindful monday: simple acts

embroidering an organic cotton baby onesie this weekend

An online article on Voluntary Simplicity begins with, "Voluntary simplicity is most basically characterized by the practices of mindfulness and material sufficiency. Through bringing mindfulness to our daily lives, we seek the maximum of well-being achievable through the minimum of material consumption. Well-being applies to all life forms on Earth, not just people."

Over the past few years I've experienced a significant shift from "just because" jaunts to Tarjay where I stocked up on one-too-many shiny things I didn't need to a cultivation of experiences, theater, and tea times.

Before heading out to see Magic in Moonlight Saturday night with a girlfriend, I grabbed a few organic cotton onesies, appropriately-colored embroidery thread, and settled in for moments of mindfulness in the form of creating.

Although I spend many hours creating in the form of writing each week, sitting down to craft something with needle and thread feels so special. Tactile. Simple. As if retreating to an earlier time.

Sure I could buy a darling onesie with a cute expression. But the practice of sitting down to customize an item for a loved one's new addition feels like a lovely dose of mindfulness.

What simple acts could offer you a maximum of well-being through the minimum of material consumption? Making a colorful salad. Toiling in the garden. Walking your beloved pet. Writing your story. Creating a gift.

May our days include a voluntary simplicity of mindfulness and material sufficiency. Bisous. x

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