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Friday, March 14, 2014

week in review

 my not-so-helpful printing assistant
 green tonic sipping post-yoga
 dog park time with le pug
 a colorful messy morning
 LOVE this peta ad spotted on a metrobus in dupont
 random selfie captured in alley mirror
rainy day signature style

week in review
taught 5 yoga classes
 took 4 yoga classes
took 1 barre class
traveled to and from nyc
took 1 memoir writing class
3 days of mindful schools training + shared adventure here
meeting re: tranquil space 15-year mini documentary
wrote memoir homework
handled banking issue
released week 2 of the tranquility project e-course
tranquil space foundation creativity programming call
planned easter weekend away in miss lillie {our vintage camper}
call with mary catherine re: may's costa rica retreat
union market meet up with former amtrak colleagues
lots of deep juicy sleep
began watching calories with the lose it app
2-hour strategic planning meeting with le beau
2-hour big picture efforts with girlfriend
art journaling afternoon to finish brene brown e-course with girlfriend
focusing session 
spring TranquiliT photos and descriptions to webmaster
released podcast with lacey haynes on yoga + creativity
trimmed kitties' nails = super stressful
meeting with social work supervisor
meeting with seamstress

weekend wish list
savor 3-hour session on mantra and chanting with kristin leal 
 host inspiring 3-hour session on living your yoga for teacher training
date night with le beau
tranquil space foundation mindfulness programming meeting
tranquil space foundation generosity meeting
conduct podcast interview
prep for monday's manager gathering at chez moi  
plan week's MITs

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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D said...

Hi Kimberly! I am always so impressed by your week-in-review list! Every time I read it, I have the same burning question: how do you shift gears to be able to accomplish such a varied amount of tasks? Is that where mindfulness comes in? For example, when you are teaching yoga class, you focus only on that, and don't let yourself think about the next task on the to-do list...?



kimberly wilson said...

darca: that's the ideal, focusing on what i'm doing at that time versus what's on the to-do list. it's not always easy, but it's my ideal. thinking about the to-dos while doing something else doesn't help them get done AND keeps me from being fully present with who/what i'm with. i promise, it's a struggle but what i strive for daily.

track your time week and i think you, too, will be surprised on all you accomplish. promise! x