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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

wednesday well-being: candle making

during my handmade hollydaze efforts of december, i made a date with candle making queen sara while her little one napped. she's the one working in all the pics while i snapped photos, took notes, and wrapped wicks around sticks. hard labor. 

she ordered supplies from, i showed up with my mason jars, and we created a dozen candles in an afternoon. 

to gift them, wrap a coffee filter around the top, secure with a rubber band and baker's twine, then add a sweet tag stamped or penned with the recipient's name. 

loved the process and so enjoy giving handmade gifts. now off to oklahoma where i'll be crafting, canning, and crocheting for days. bisous. x

1. melt soy wax flakes and then add coloring chip
2. when cooled to 125 degrees, add scents 
{we used yummy sandalwood and lavender}
3. cool to 115 degrees and pour into warmed jars
4. all filled
5. use sticks to hold the wicks in place

6. voilà, you have the perfect gift for your pug and beyond

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