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Thursday, February 20, 2014

tranquilosophy: 2 years later

yesterday i boarded a plane en route to oklahoma for family time to mark the two-year anniversary of my gramma's passing. i can't believe it's been two whole years since i was flew to texas for a visit that quickly turned into a life-changing journey.

today we headed all over town looking for the perfect flowers and found this tiny red rose bush in a yellow tin that said "sweet" on it. felt perfect. as i adjusted the tin into the soil with hopes of securing it against the heavy oklahoma wind, my mom snapped this pic.

i didn't sit down to pen my tranquilosophy thoughts until late today. i needed space and had hoped i would have something profound to say on this anniversary.

truth be told, i don't. it still hurts. the pain isn't as raw, but life isn't the same without her.

i've learned sooooo much through the grieving process, yet can't bring myself to fully write about my many memories of her. it's still too painful. i know memories fade with time so i'm hopeful i'll be brave enough to put pen to paper soon. very soon.

in the interim, i watched as the clock hit 10:30pm, recalled my shrill of sorrow, and took a deep breath. her tombstone reads "always loving, always loved." indeed she was. may we strive to be always loving and always loved. it makes a difference. bisous. x

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Gina said...

Kimberly, I know how difficult it is to work through the grief. My grandmother in August. I have found it very helpful to tell my stories of her. Tell your stories -- you may cry while doing so, but it is cathartic. Take care.

Christy Moon said...

You really never get over the loss, especially when one played such an important role in our life ..we just find ways to deal without them ad you are finding...try to share a story or two - remembering them keeps their spirit alive! It's Ok if a few tears get on the paper! Xoxox

kimberly wilson said...

thank you gina and christy for your kind input. much appreciated. grammas are the best! x