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Friday, January 24, 2014

week in review

my workspace on train en route to nyc
 le pug caught sitting on le chat noir . . . again
 homemade green juice by le beau
 times square
 warmed up in chilly nyc with a soy chai latte
 receiving kitten kisses
savored this yummy sancerre on our anniversary
 kind testimonial from melinda
 kind testimonial from hayley

 week in review
taught 3 yoga classes
travel to and from rochester, ny for funeral
2 days with le beau’s family
travel to and from nyc for memoir class + 10-year anniversary
took 2 barre classes
hosted tea date with girlfriend over brene brown's oprah e-course
began sarah ahearn bellemare's painted pages e-course
3 hours of memoir writing class in nyc
penned 6 memoir pages for review by memoir class
did memoir class homework
second social work job interview
penned essays for 24 days o’ tranquility e-course
shipped daybooks and tranquilologie books
shared things i love
soaked in the tub
lunch date with former amtrak colleagues
penned mindful monday
saw the book of morman on broadway {loved}
stayed at the gerschwin hotel in nyc {my go-to}
survived single digit temps and snow storm
released podcast with gena of choosing raw
celebrated 10 years with le beau
penned piece on our 10 years
recorded podcast with kellen brugman on ayurveda, yoga + writing
penned 12 love notes stuffed with handmade tea bags
sipped many green juices + green teas
sent strategic planning meeting wrap-ups to foundation + studio teams
received an “i heart you too” from esther the wonder pig + squealed
catch up with online pal britt bravo
lacked spaciousness and sometimes felt ungrounded due to travel/snow delays
planned 6 hours of curriculum for leading creativity sessions 

weekend wish list
host 6 hours of inspiring creativity sessions for advanced teacher training
fun matinee date with girlfriend
artist date at yoga + knitting workshop
join friends for going away party
interview lacey haynes on yoga + creativity

et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list? bisous. x

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