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Monday, January 27, 2014

mindful monday

happy mindful monday to all. as we launch into a new week and the finale of january, it's a welcomed time to review how the new year is progressing.

how have those new year's dreams unfolded? are you feeling a sense of freedom and ease or exhaustion and burden? are you excited about what lies ahead or ready to slide back under the covers for a few days? observe your responses to these questions sans judgment.

one way i regroup after feeling behind or uneasy is by indulging in a dose of mindfulness. either penning thoughts into my journal, sitting with my breath, or doing a mindful check in. and, honestly, sometimes this happens a few times a day. the continuous need to begin again.

elisha goldstein wrote a mindful strategy for a new year where he emphasizes these three steps: 1) expect to stray, 2) don't judge, 3) refocus. if you need to regroup, take a moment to do so now. inhale. exhale.

last year i released the "mindfulness: tranquility within" e-course to share my ongoing journey, lessons learned, and heaps of resources. we just produced the above video to sprinkle more insight into the experience. our non-profit, tranquil space foundation, will be shifting its focus from yoga to mindfulness and i've signed up for a mindful schools training to help deepen my knowledge of working with varied populations. can you imagine the power of being taught to breathe and be in the formative years?

wishing you a much-deserved moment of mindfulness today via deep breathing, mindful movement, a mindful check-in, journal writing, seated meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating, or mindful being. bisous. x

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