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Friday, August 09, 2013

week in review

 my beloved bonnard mixed media piece
moi + sara holding our finished pieces
 julia, kim + carol at fall shoot
 new stretch fleece jacket
 new chartres blue + stripes
 silly matisse hanging out in bathtub staring into space {for hours}
 pre-meditation dinner at whole foods
 louis' response to the word "park"
getting needled time {ouch}

week in review
taught 2 yoga classes
took 2 yoga classes
taught 2 3-hour workshops {yoga + writing/mindfulness}
shared savvy sources for both workshops on facebook page
met with seamstress to finalize samples
interviewed photographer lara blair and jt siems of sweet tea apothocary
TranquiliT fall collection prep + shoot
meditation with tara brach
interviewed marianne elliott for upcoming podcast
mixed media date {see top 2 photos}
cookout at friends' place
lunch date plus anthropologie browsing with girlfriend
dinner + gelato with friend
penned and mailed snail mail love notes
assisted friend in crisis
saw blackfish and cried lots {highly recommend}
finished bonjour happiness and set up podcast interview with author
physical therapy for unstable knees {lame} and bone spur in left shoulder {super lame}
painful acupuncture {i'm so tense around hurt areas}
felt most grumpy 
prep for weekend event
juggled many balls + deadlines to make fall shoot happen
hot baths + lots of vitamins
slight exhaustion {too much output vs input}
finalized harlem apartment for vegan academy
sent updates to tranquility summer campers
spending friday morning in bed {trying to refill well}

weekend wish list 
reunite with le beau
co-host fun fete

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list? 

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Gina said...

The Bonnard piece is lovely. And I canNOT wait to see the Autumn line. Is the fleece coat part of that?