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Friday, July 12, 2013

week in review

pink portland garden passed post-yoga
 post tea + collage date with lisa sonora beam
 freshly procured danish clog boots + pot of moroccan mint tea
 clog boots among abundant lavender
 a dose of paris in portland: raspberry macaron
 finale caffeinated green tea doused in sugar pre-detox
detox day 1 morning "treat"

week in review
flew to portland
took 2 yoga classes
savored 1 meditation class
enjoyed 2 days of world domination summit
signed up for world domination summit 2014
tea dates with the lovely lisa sonora beam + flora bowley
tea + treat dates with dc-cum-portland pals michelle + arwa
penned bonjour 40 reflections in flight from dc to portland
hours of editing + tea sipping at cafes on alberta
dinner date with le beau's brother + wife
purchased guy kowaski's book, ape
many soaks in a claw foot tub
added seattle to tranquility pop-ups
shared my macaron adventure in wednesday well-being
two amazing naps
detox conference call
hosted a mentoring session
dinner dates on alberta with le beau
read from a life in frocks and bonjour, happiness

weekend wish list
fun photo shoot with lara blair
learn to solder
juice date followed by powell's browsing
dinner dates with friends
tea date with luna jaffe
prep to return to dc on monday 
bid le beau adieu for 3-week bike ride

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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