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Sunday, July 07, 2013

summer seasonal podcast petals

bonjour from portland, the land of the world domination summit, ample green juice, and handlebar mustaches. learning tons at the summit, taking heaps of notes, and running into many fabulous souls. excited to share takeaways in tomorrow's podcast with le beau. stay tuned!

merci sweet rachel from cambridge for passing along the above beautiful petals from this summer's tranquilosophy seasonal podcast. if you tuned in, take a moment to send moi a snapshot of your summer petals to share with our online community.  

sending lots of love your way this beautiful sunday. may your garden flourish and grow. bisous. x

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Sarah said...

Looking forward to the podcast! Several people I know are at the Summit and I always hear great things about it. Hope to experience it next year.

kimberly wilson said...

sarah, it was a lovely experience. still processing. we'll be sharing a podcast this week with all our takeaways! x