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Friday, February 08, 2013

week in review

 le pug + his beloved tub toy
 my take on superbowl sunday
 le chat on handmade treats from his grandma
 green juice dinner
chez moi on monday
 giveaway announcement (2 days left)
 wednesday night meditation spot
 quick artist date between internship + grad school
 beautiful piece in latest somerset studio mag
starbucks office jaunt between grad school + MBSR class

week in review
 daylong with tara brach on true refuge
20-30 hours of tranquilologie editing
enhanced tranquilologie draft to editor tuesday at 12:26am
yoga = ommmmmm
announced giveaway
podcast interview with britt bravo on her veg cookbook club
mentoring calls
22 hours at internship
2 MSW classes
penned paper for online class
meditation class
mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) class
received a beautiful handmade necklace from suzanne of sperly girl (love!)
picked up le beau from the airport
taught 2 yoga classes
savored green smoothies
shipped daybooks
call with mindfulness teacher
read this article + squealed with delighted. go vaute couture!
read heaps of blog inc.
restocked tranquil space studios with TranquiliT

weekend wish list
 soak in heaps of inspiration at jonathan foust daylong
teach inspiring living your yoga session
tea date with american in paris pal
time with my journal
date night with le beau
 meditation class

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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Nicole said...

I'm shutting myself indoors, lighting the fire and drinking hot cocoa in the window. No books to read, no housework to do, no errands to run. This weekend will be spent just being present. That's my Valentine's gift to myself.

Helen said...

Saw "Grace" on your reading stack. Loved, loved, loved it. Hope you enjoy! Thank you yet again for all the inspiration.

Angeliki said...

What a beautiful week! I hope you accomplish all the task on your weekend list :) I was hoping to explore some London markets this weekend but it's been really rainy, so I spend it so far reading books and magazines and watching good Italian movies.