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Friday, September 21, 2012

week in review

week in review
taught 1 yoga class
screened vegucated 
heaps of prep, book keeping + follow up from event
18 hours at internship
2 MSW classes
TranquiliT fall pics + descriptions to webmaster
hours of tranquilologie writing
yoga + dinner with a friend
tranquil space arlington 5-year fête
massage, mani, pedi
sent e-blast re: art journal toolkit
mourned gramma on her birthday
 2 gym jaunts
got my hair curled for pigs event - felt glamorous
up early for home yoga + meditation practices 
read heaps of peace is every step by thich nhat hahn (loving it!)
slept with bedroom windows open 
long talks with le beau
won heaps on the pigs online silent auction

weekend wish list
dive into year of mindfulness training course 
savor every moment of madonna concert
teach + take yummy yoga classes
write heaps
tea time with girlfriend
prep for next weekend's green festival
pen oodles of thank yous for pigs event

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
 bisous. x

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Miriam said...

I love reading your week in reviews and weekend wishlists! My wishlist includes yoga, Veg Fest DC, taking in a movie at E Street Cinema, and whipping up vegan football munchies for my friends on Sunday.

Sarah said...

I love your photos Kimberly! You are awesome.

My weekend wishlist is to do yoga, take a nap, host a game night for friends, and maybe buy a few cute items for my fall wardrobe (got my eye on an infinity scarf, leggings, and a cardigan).

I'll probably listen to your podcast too! I love to go for walks and listen to them. It's the most relaxing, revitalizing thing. I've listened to your podcasts for over two years and I still love them. It's crazy how much I enjoy them, and I thank you for it.