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Friday, June 01, 2012

week in review

 my france art journal cover
 my laundry drying in provence sun
 art journaling
 yoga on the deck
 my new pink rattan bag with markers, vintage scarf + h2o bottle peeking out

week in review
 taught 11 yoga classes
taught 10 hours of art journaling
hosted amazing group of beings
did laundry and hung it in provence sun
penned muse for tranquil space newsletter
6-hour train ride from paris to provence
read heaps of the $100 start up
posted marie antoinette pics for things i love
posted podcast on yoga + balance
scheduled vintage tour for monday in paris
ate heaps of yummy provencal vegetarian food
art journal play
signed up for world domination summit workshops
reconnected + made new connections with some *amazing* souls

weekend wishlist
 prep provence 2013 registration
 luxurious 6-hour train travel from provence to paris
release tranquility du jour podcast featuring robin fisher roffer on branding
 finish $100 start up

et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x

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Sarah said...

Wow - a little bit sad I missed the boat on the World Domination Summit -> looks insanely cool!

Dawn said...

My friends are getting married the weekend of the WDS so I can't attend. But i plan to catch the $100 start-up tour. That could be a good option.

kimberly wilson said...

sarah, oui, it sold out super duper quick. will be sure to share all i learn!

aurora, just finished the $100 start-up book. loved it and highly recommend.