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Saturday, June 02, 2012

june's book club choice: tout sweet

bonjour from paris. fresh off our 6-hour train ride back from provence and about to head out to luxembourg gardens for an afternoon of reading, writing, and lavender sorbet eating. however, i had to get our online book club choice posted first. priorities! 

on the train back i solicited suggestions from retreaters on a fun french lifestyle read and this was the consensus. i've downloaded it onto my kindle and can't wait to dive in to tout sweet: hanging up my high heels for a new life in france by karen wheeler. 

here are a few fun links to learn more:
karen on twitter
interview on little maison
interview on a taste of garlic
interview on house with no name

 image courtesy of little maison

enjoy. i'm looking forward to the read and excited to see that she has written more: tout allure and tout soul.

p.s. to participate in our online book club, simply click the book image on the far right of the blog to share your thoughts, challenges, and insights regarding our monthly read. bisous. x 

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Kristen said...

I'm in! Ordering now. Can't wait to read it - looks like a fun one.

Denise-Marie said...

Moi aussi! Almost finished this fabulous book on the flight home. Magnifique selection Kimberly!

Rachel said...

About half way through and truly loving it. While it doesn't inspire me to want to live in france per se I do love her observations about how removing home pleasures stop you wallowing in the things you need to let go of (in her case Eric) and has made me ponder my endless desire to simplify.

On a side note it is making me want to join you in france next year! tha

kimberly wilson said...

yay, kristen. hope you're enjoying it!

chickchat, did you love it?

rachel, delighted that you're enjoying it. moi aussi! thanks for sharing your observations! yay simplification. x

Kristen said...

Finished last night. I liked reading it (well written). I'm in no way enticed to move to the French countryside (or any countryside, for that matter), but I loved reading about her experience. (I knew when she dragged all those shoes, bags, and clothes from London, they would soon be on the way out.) When she mentioned loving hanging her laundry on the line, I chuckled thinking about your post the other day. The themes I love in this book are: simplicity and enjoying experiential loveliness while sprinkling in a bit of luxury, now and then.

kimberly wilson said...

kristen, you're speedy! i'm still reading and appreciate your theme-sharing! x

kimberly wilson said...

finished this book on wednesday and loved it. sad to see things with jon didn't go as i had planned but excited to see what unfolds next. enjoyed her writing style! this book offered the perfect reminder that leaving the comforts of home to create a new life is not always easy or glamorous, but it allows you to grow as a person and experience so much more. j'adore! x

Unknown said...

Amazing. Book. I just started reading. The second one " Toute Allure " thank you Kimberly for always suggesting such great books.