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Friday, April 13, 2012

week in review

week in review
taught 3 yoga classes
took 3 yoga classes
rearranged chez moi
grief counseling
announced april's online book club feature
spoke at think local first + live green event on cOMmunity
penned manager notes
displayed photos in mason jars at studio
meeting re: tranquil space foundation's fall event
shipped TranquiliT
hosted creativity circle
visited walter + lillian at pigs
easter veggie brunch at panorama on the peak
art journaling
work in sketchbook
savored my saturday
posted things i love
 heaps of hot baths
bill paying
met bebe marshall chase
3 podcast interviews: britt bravo, tara sophia mohr + debbie stoller 
3 MSW classes
prep for weekend retreat
ate heaps of sour patch kids
posted on shift in perspective
booked august flights to oklahoma and vegas
picked up the shiny red flats (in photo) + lace leggings at tarjay
sewed a strapless dress from vintage half slips
penned tranquilosophy piece on tranquil touches
packed + prepped for weekend retreat = heaps of sweet touches
manager meetings

weekend wishlist
host inspiring retreat
sketchbook work
post informative blogging podcast featuring britt bravo

et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x

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Unknown said...

I love your week in review, was wondering how you organize it and keep all what you do together? If I sat and thought about my week unless I wrote it all down, I come up empty and I do a thousand things a day!

kimberly wilson said...

bonjour darlynn, my strategy = reviewing my planner pad for where i was when and noting all my crossed off to-dos. voila, that helps me determine the week. on top of that, i insert my doses of self-care that may not be in my planner pad such as cuddles with le pug or hot baths. hope this helps! x