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Thursday, April 12, 2012

tranquilosophy: tranquil touches

ruffle knee sock how to + image courtesy of elizabeth kartchner

this weekend's retreat will be filled with tranquil touches. from mason jar lanterns and drinking glasses to goodie bags and doilies to art journaling while breakfast at tiffany's plays in the background to striped straws and japanese masking tape to yoga on the deck and campfire smore roasts. i'm obsessed with tranquil touches and sweet details. i promise to snap photos and share the adventure via the blog and twitter.

join moi in the ongoing infusion of tranquil touches. what simple pleasures bring you a great sense of joy? scented candles. cut flowers. homemade jam. fresh baked bread. cuddles with furry creatures. a good book. getting your hands dirty and planting seedlings. writing a poem. sewing a dress. penning a letter. setting a colorful table. sending care packages to loved ones. french cafe tunes. ruffle socks (how to above). embroidery. pinning on pinterest. packing a lunch picnic. a matinee. a yummy yoga class. cuppa tea.

whatever brings you a sense of joy and allows you a tranquil moment, include it in your daily routine. a libation truly tastes better when served on a doily. a set table makes dining a true experience. adding ruffles to socks or a vintage slip offers a sense of femininity. enjoy and savor everyday tranquil touches. you deserve it. bisous. x

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