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Friday, March 30, 2012

week in review

week in review
3 MSW classes
taught 1 yoga class
penned non-profit management paper
TranquiliT spring e-blast
recorded podcast with carolyn rubenstein + alena hennessey
commissioned mama wilson to make custom bunting for me
dentist appointment + small cavity filling = boo
day of rest at le beau's cabin
strategic chat with longtime friend
meeting with new tranquil space foundation volunteer
penned tranquilosophy post on why social work
TranquiliT shipping
packaged ephemera gift bags for creativity circle ladies
hosted 2-hour creativity circle with yoga, pranyama, discussion, creative play
phone meeting with studio director
researched fab finds for retreat touches + penned post showcasing
2 gym jaunts
2 yoga classes
2 days of sick time in bed
showcased tranquilologie takeaways from andria + joanne 
received email from aunt saying i was a wonderful granddaughter. cried.
interviewed by MBA student on entrepreneurship
savored yummy vegan pizza with daiya cheese

weekend wishlist
release 4th private podcast for france retreaters
check-in with pal britt bravo
productive pigs board meeting
release april tranquilologie issue
host fun hip hop yoga + inspiring biz of yoga workshops
 participate in way of happy woman workshop with sara avant stover
release inspiring podcast featuring alena hennessy
prep for release of tranquility project 
yoga + gym jaunts
work on sketchbook for the sketchbook project 

et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?

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