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Friday, February 10, 2012

week in review

 week in review
 welcomed new paris + provence sign ups 
met with seamstress to finalize spring TranquiliT samples
added hip tranquil chick + tranquilista manifestos to blog
hosted the 21-day challenge "living your yoga" workshop
penned brief art journal how to
signed up for a fun blog workshop in nyc 
visit to pigs sanctuary to see beloved walter
ate heaps of carnation hearts
spooned sir louis the pug while sleeping
yummy massage
savored snow and fireplace time at le beau's cabin
sent confirms to art + yoga cozy cabin retreaters (6 spots left)
wished pops a VERY happy birthday (please do the same today if you have a moment)
chatted with a hospice social worker for insights on gramma
watched madonna's halftime performance = love
watched 60 minutes' 3 remarkable women piece = love more
picked up goodies at michaels for crafting
pigs sanctuary board call
hair highlights
cuddles with le beau
2 MSW classes
taught 3 classes
took 3 classes
chat with brian + rachel re: tranquil space foundation lunafest on 4/20
soaks in the tub
teacher check-in
punched heaps of stars for DIY tea bag tags
manager meeting

weekend wishlist
informative studio director interviews
informative interview at house of reps for next MSW internship
host inspiring living yoga teacher training session
host inspiring art journal workshop
work on two take home exams 
support dupont's front desk team meeting
festive bebe shower set up
make tasty tea sandwiches for event
embroider baby onsies gifts
put together art journal playshop goodie bags

et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x

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Shannon said...

Taking one of your tranquilologie themes and instead of penning a love letter to myself am devoting a weekend to me! Massage, artist date, new hair color, pedicure, yoga, partial bed day. Should be facing next week with a whole new spirit/joie de vivre.

kimberly wilson said...

shannon, wow, a whole new you! excited to hear how it unfolded. merci for sharing! x