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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

i heart ephemera

sunday is my seasonal art journaling playshop at tranquil space. i love facilitating this process of mindful play. starting with a blank page, transforming it into a work of mindful art that speaks to dreams, struggles, and opportunities.

above is a shot of the heaps of ephemera i picked up for participants' goody bags - fabric flowers, tags, glitter hearts, watercolor pencils, stick on bling, notecards and more. love!

consider having your own art journal (or sketchbook or visual journal - various synonyms)
date this week. here's the skinny:

1. pull out your journal
2. open to a blank page
3. add images, words, paint, ephemera to express how you're feeling or what you're exploring
4. date your page

voilĂ , watch a new passion and chance to connect within unfold. bisous. x

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