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Sunday, February 12, 2012

bebe shower blues

my sad attempts at peanut butter + jelly tea sandwiches. they were tasty, but not pretty.
during the process i ran out of bread and had to hit up the local deli who had yummy, yet holey wheat bread. it didn't take the pulling of cream cheese well. sadly, the sandwiches got even uglier.
 i picked up this darling patch in mexico and began embroidering it to an organic cotton onsie.
voilĂ , it's completed and just in time for the shower!
all wrapped up and ready to go!

i wrote "blues" because this bebe shower was for our studio director who is having a boy (= blue) and is not returning post bebe. thus, blues for our cOMmuity! 

i enjoyed making and documenting my tiny DIY contributions . . . even if i won't be invited to do any sort of tea sandwich catering in the future. le sigh. clearly. not. made. for. the. kitchen.

bisous. x

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Nicole said...

I'm sure they tasted fantastic and as a tip for the future catering endeavors, cookie cutters work great for turning PB&J into art! My Little People get pumpkins in the fall and Christmas trees in December. (The rest of winter they get soup and by springtime, I've completely misplaced the cookie cutters. Atleast I'm predictable!)

Christina said...

I am sure your tea sandwiches were delicious and made with lots of love! Homemade is always better because of all the Vitamin L (love), even if they aren't as pretty as you hoped! :)

Britt Bravo said...

I have faith in your cooking abilities! Like everything, it just takes practice. Next time, try cutting them with a round, or heart shaped cookie cutter (:

denise said...

Loved your post today! You are such a wonderful inspiration. Your sandwiches reminded me exactly of the ones my grandfather made me as a little girl and brought a huge smile to my face. You are a beautiful person!!!