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Sunday, November 06, 2011

TDJTV: 6 movements of the spine

six savory movements of the spine to start your week with a splash of tranquility.
bisous. x

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Helen said...

What a good video, thank you.

I have a yoga question. I just started a gentle yoga class and all is good except the postures that require kneeling. I am sure it is due to my weight problem, but ouch! Do you think adding a blanket to my mat would help?

Vintage Butterfly said...

Love the video, and as my husband is suffering from compacted disks etc. This video will also be of great help for myself. :) Thanks so much for posting.

kimberly wilson said...

helen, so happy you like it! absolutely, add a blanket for knee drops and use a thicker, plush mat (or even two regular mats). this helps a ton. keep me posted on how it goes! x

kimberly wilson said...

darling, yay! a little bit of basic movement goes a long way - for you + your hubby! a supple spine is a happy sign of health. xx