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Friday, October 28, 2011

today my life was changed

bonjour. home after a 14-hour day at the end factory farming conference and must admit drama . . . today my life has been forever changed.

never have i felt so invested, attached, passionate, and protective of a movement and cause than i did today. when i casually mentioned i was attending a few weeks ago, an intuitive girlfriend told me that this conference would change my life. really? her statement stuck with me. i tend to have high expectations so i filed her comment in the back of my mind, but kept it oddly close to heart.

this afternoon i texted her. "you were right! how did you know?" i am forever changed.

let's just say i feel incredibly whole, aligned, grateful, and full of fervor this evening. more to come as i process.

bisous and sweet, sweet dreams. x

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Cherie said...

Looking forward to hearing the details and how the conference changed you. My husband and I try to spread the word about the horrors of factory farming (and the dangers to our health). Glad to see yet another person on board - especially someone as influential as you.

kimberly wilson said...

merci, cherie. definitely much more to come! x