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Sunday, October 30, 2011

happy *almost* halloween

last night we were kurt + courtney. 

moi: platinum wig, messy make up, slip dress, sparkly headband due to misplaced tiara 
(le sigh, where are you when i need you?), leopard print heels.
le beau: wig, corporate magazines still suck tee, grandpa cardigan, jeans, sunnies. 

LOVE playing dress up. et toi? who are you for halloween? 

bisous. x

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Rosie B said...

Ha, we were Kurt & Courtney for Halloween too! Great minds :)

I thought about doing the wig thing but couldn't be bothered, coloured hairspray turned out not to work so well though :( I too misplaced my tiara, sad times.

Rosie xx
Just Listen

kimberly wilson said...

ha, great minds think alike! xx