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Friday, October 28, 2011

week in review

week in review
4 yoga classes
1 dance class
taught 2 yoga classes
sent TranquiliT fall e-blast
manager report
manager meetings
interviewed dr. melanie joy for podcast
psychodynamic mid-term exam
day of vintage shopping in new york city - online next week
enjoyed day at creativity in business conference
savored yummy vegan lunch at jivamuktea cafe
sewing class
penned piece on ballet class
annual teacher check-ins
shipped heaps of TranquiliT orders
penned curtain to caftan post
week 2 of tranquilista lifestyle e-course
scheduled spring + fall 2012 art + yoga cabin retreats
 penned things i love
shipped goodies to tranquil space foundation online auction winners
paid heaps of water, electricity, comcast + cleaning bills for studios
tea + mani with girlfriend
purchased heaps of soy candles for chez moi

weekend wishlist
learn tons to make a difference at end factory farming conference
spread awareness of pigs animal sanctuary at conference
day of rest and renewal sprinkled with productivity
brunch with le beau
reading fireside
rock courtney love halloween costume

et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Wow, so I guess you are going for that anorexic chic look with your collection this fall? For all your talk of self-love and other new age niceties, you think you'd embrace using women of a greater range of sizes for your clothing line. Its fine to use uber skinny chicks, but what about using women that look more like the ones who worship at the alter of kimberly wilson (aka take classes at your yoga studios)?

Lexi said...

Kerry - I wish there was a way for me to respond to you directly rather than in an open blog; there is no such thing as anorexic chic - I can assure you as someone who has battled that disease. Also, I cannot speak for Kimberly - but I am hurt for her reading your comments. Did you consider talking to her directly about your concerns?

Linda said...

Kerry, Standing in good health, I believe, goes beyond what one may decide to see in a photo or someone one has just met. Judging someone to be in absolute poor or good health by their weight size (small, medium or large)seems like an out-dated model to go by. Rather perhaps, notice instead some key qualities that enhance good emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health: Is this human being sensitive to others' feelings? radiating positive energy? emotionally connected to others and themselves?,spiritually reflective?, engaging in self-care practices everyday?, meeting the world with an open heart? feeling good in her own skin? The "apparent" weight of my body (any body)when one begins to judge doesn't say much unless one connects it to the whole package.